Fuzzy Socks & Kisses

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Castiel had shown his wings to the Winchesters no longer than a week ago. His wings had been hurt in a battle and he had needed Dean to mend them, which he did gladly. Until his wings were fully healed he was not allowed to go outside or fly. Of course the brothers knew he would get bored out of his mind so they set him up in the Dean Cave with snacks, a stereo, and classic movies (according to Dean). Today was one week into recovery and Cas still had a few more weeks after this. It was also one of the those rare days that Sam and Dean had the day off, no hunting.

"Hey Cas, we are going to go on a grocery run. Do you want anything?" Dean yelled down the hall to the Dean Cave.

Cas popped his head out from the door and walked out to where Dean was. Dean felt his throat go dry and eyes widen, he would never get used to seeing Castiel with his wings. They were a beautiful inky black that looked as if the lightest touch would break them. The feathers were crinkled in some areas and there were a couple of bald spots but that didn't matter in the slightest to Dean.

"No Dean I think I am okay for now," he said while his wings puffed up slightly.

Dean felt a shiver reach his core at the gruff, raspy voice of Cas. He wasn't in love, no way. Reorganizing himself he turned back to the angel and nodded.

"Okay then but don't hesitate to call."

Cas nodded before stretching out his wings and walking back to the Dean Cave.

"I will never get over those," Dean mumbled while wiping his face wih his hand.

With one last look at the angel he walked away and to where Sam was waiting patiently in the Impala.

"He want anything?" Sam asked as Dean sat into the drivers seat.

"Na he said he is good."

Sam smirked and with that Dean put the car into drive and drove them to the supermarket down the stretch of road.


"Why did you do that Dean!?"

"Hey she was asking for it," Dean grumbled while picking up an armful of grocery bags.

"Just because someone says the Impala isn't as pretty as their car doesn't mean you go and pour detergent on it," Sam mumbled angrily while accompanying Dean into the kitchen.

"Whatever. But she also said she doesn't believe in freakin' angels and that crosses an invisible line that I have!"

Sam rolled his eyes and smirked, Dean knew he fucked up by saying that.

"Are you trying to defend your angels honor?"
"No, and he isn't my angel."

"Okay whatever you say, but make sure to be gently with him if you get any ideas."

Dean grabbed the loaf of bread and threw it at the younger Winchester.

"Ow," Sam yelped while rubbing his shoulder to fake the pain.

"How could that possibly hurt you, I was 'gentle'." Dean said sarcastically.

"That's what he said!" Sam said before ducking out of the kitchen barely avoiding the can of tomato soup headed his way.

Dean grumbled some more before putting away the rest of the groceries and heading to the library. As he walked towards the open area he heard a loud crash and what sounded like a shelf falling or worse. He quickly started sprinting towards the room while yelling, "Sammy!"

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