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Note: All characters, save for Elizabeth, are not mine, but J.J. Abrams', or whoever holds the copyright. 


June, 1979.


Joe hadn't felt the warmth of a father's hug since before Christmas, and for the first time in a long while, he felt loved - despite the monstrous wave of sound suspended in the air and the scattered remains of a seemingly apocalyptic occurrence. 

The tug in his pocket forced him to pull away. He caught the chain just as it was about to float away, into space, into the unknown, far away from the safety of his heart. 


The locket rattled in the strain of the attraction's force, and opened, desperate to remind him that it was all in the past. Elizabeth's blue eyes looked lovingly at him. 

Mom, he thought. His father's hand was heavy on his shoulder.

It's time to let go, she told her son. Joe knew she was right. 

So he let go, and watched it wander its way to the ship, up above, and then as an explosion of water rained down upon them. He would miss her, or course. He had for the longest time, and always would. But he had his friends, and Alice, and his father, too. And for Joe Lamb,  the deputy's boy, that was enough.

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