January 30, 2019 - What's Next with Wattpad Next beta

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Hey Wattpadders!

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Hey Wattpadders!

We're excited to share an update on Wattpad Next beta. In October 2018 we launched Wattpad Next, a beta program that allows readers to monetarily support writers on Wattpad in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Wattpadders have been asking how the program is performing. Results from the beta program have been incredible. Through purchasing Coins to read Wattpad Next beta stories, readers have shown they believe writers should be paid for their work, and want to monetarily support them. As a result, we will be extending the program in 2019.

A beta program is a chance for us to learn how to best add a layer to Wattpad that our community has long been asking for - a way for readers to directly support writers careers. So, what have we learned so far?

1) Our most important learning? Many readers believe it's important for writers to earn money for their work. Readers have shown their support for writers by purchasing millions of Coins to read Wattpad Next beta stories, the majority of which has gone directly to writers.

2) Writers participating in the program are dedicated to their work and readers. Through the beta program we now better understand the expectations and involvement of writers, and how our editorial team can best partner with them for success.

3) We have also learned that writers on Wattpad have true earning potential. In the first 3 month of the beta program, stories have earned between ten dollars to thousands of dollars. This is incredible for a program only available in 5 countries.

As we mentioned previously, for the beta program, we have ensured that all writers are fairly compensated for their participation by providing writers with an agreed-upon amount regardless of the number of Coins redeemed on their stories. Wattpad has shared revenue with writers whose work surpassed projections for the beta program.

4) We have observed how participation in Wattpad Next beta has expanded the audience of titles that would not typically be represented in traditional publishing.

Unlike publishing a book, writers can also quickly see rewards from Wattpad Next beta. Not only do they earn money for their work, they get to stay on Wattpad and maintain the connection to their readers.

These decisions have helped us understand which stories will likely be a better fit for the program going forward, and which features our community would like us to invest in.

As we extend Wattpad Next beta, we will continue testing and learning how to improve the program for readers and writers. A few areas we will continue iterating on are:

1) Additional payment mechanisms: Many members of our community have expressed interest in earning Coins through completing a task on Wattpad. While it's currently only possible to access Coins by purchasing them through your iTunes or Google Play account, we are exploring new ways for Wattpadders to get Coins.

2) Expansion of Wattpad Next beta stories: Understanding how certain stories perform helps our team extend the possibility of earning money to other writers on Wattpad. By increasing the variety of stories, our team can continue exploring how readers monetarily reward writers.

We've also seen your questions about free stories on Wattpad. We know that many readers come to Wattpad to read free stories. The vast majority of stories on Wattpad are free, and always will be. We value all members of our community and there will always be great reads regardless of whether you prefer to read for free, or you would like to help writers earn money for their work through unlocking stories with Coins.

Looking for more information on the program? Learn more about the Wattpad Next beta program on the Wattpad Next beta website.

Happy Reading!

The Wattpad HQ Team

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