part 7

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He was sat with Aileen in her company. Can had the impression that Emre hated her after they broke up and she began stealing their clients via her secret agent. He wondered what Emre was doing here sat with their rival.

'Abi, what are you doing here?'
'Actually i should be asking you. What are you doing here Emre?'
'Erm Abi, I...."
Emre stopped before he could finish his sentence, as Aileen interrupted him.
"The thing is Can, me and Emre are back together. We are in love and can't help our feelings. He is just here to pick me up as we are going on a date."

Can was perplexed. Emre and Aileen had split up for the longest time and suddenly they were back together. Something was not right. He looked towards Emre with a confused expression on his face.

"Evet Abi, this happened - me and Aileen are a couple again."

Sanem knew something was off. She watched carefully as Emre's face became full of worry and shock as they walked in. He looked like he was caught doing something wrong. She had to find out more. Can began to speak which made Sanem lose her trail of thought.

"Aileen i'll get straight to the point. One of the computers in your office have been traced and we found thats where my campaign pictures were leaked from. Do you have anything to confess or do i need to get the police involved?"

Can was determined to find out the truth and he knew Aileen couldn't handle the reputation of herself and her company's name go down the drain. Immediately, she understood that her employee, Bilal had been stupid enough to do what she asked him - leak Can's photos and accuse him of theft - right in her company. Now the crime had been traced back to her company. Emre looked towards Aileen quizzically. He had no idea of what she had been doing. He envied his Abi for taking control of the company under their father's absence but he would never play around with Can's photography. That was a low blow.

Aileen had to think of an excuse before Can would involve the police. She explained to Can that she had no clue what he was talking about and decided to act as the innocent party. However Can was not falling for it and said he'd be back with the police. Can held Sanem by the hand and walked out. Still, Sanem was confused and she knew that Emre and Aileen were playing a big game. As her and Can reached the car, she could see he was angry. Angry that Aileen had the audacity to deny her involvement in this facade. He knew Aileen would play a good game to try and save herself. He knew she was sly and conniving and he had to go a certain way about it. He rang the police and explained the situation - to which they replied they would look into it and gather the computer from Aileen's company and see what went on.

Back in Aileen's company, Emre was questioning her about what had happened.
"What is all this Aileen? What is my Abi saying about you leaking his photographs?"
"Emre, i really don't know what he is talking about, I am as confused as you are." - She tried to sound as genuine as possible to keep Emre on her side. But Emre knew it was her behind all of this
When Emre left, she went to find Bilal. She was angry that he had done such a big blunder that could ruin everything.

"Bilal, what the hell is wrong with you?! I asked you to do one thing which you couldn't do properly. How did you think it was a good idea to leak the photos from my company?!! Now i know Can is going to involve to police, so you are going to take the blame and I will fix this. Come up with an excuse, i don't know, for example you got fired by Fikri Harika and you wanted revenge."
"Ama Aileen Hanim."
"Ama ne Bilal?!!"

She was angry and Bilal had no choice but to take the blame because he knew what Aileen would do if he did not. Aileen knew the police would not be coming any time soon, most likely they would turn up tomorrow and she knew Bilal would take the blame, so once again she had been saved.

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