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Same dream, same people, same place. Something unexplained triggered Irene's mind. It's like a puzzle that unsolved. Every night of hers, one by one, her friends got murdered. The actual hints of her dreams were all unpredictable, sometimes it ached her mind more.

Clear those bad thoughts, she unlocked her phone screen. Of course the messages she'd received the most were from Jimin. He must be so worried about her safety, she thought.

She actually miss everyone in Seoul so much that she took much times studying her lock screen that displayed her childhood picture of her, Jimin, Jungkook and Seulgi. They're like a bunch of happy virus with those little eyesmiles and crooked teeth.

"Miss them?" she snapped and rose her head to the voice. "I've told you to go back to Seoul."

She looked back to her lock screen, shaking her head in disagree. "I-I can't leave you here alone."

"Don't bumped on them just because of me. You make it sounds like I'm bad." he chuckled before he took a seat on the other couch.

"Look, I can take care of myself, Irene. I don't need babysitter." he continued.

Irene sighed in a bit furious, "It's not a matter of babysitting. As a friend, you need me to look after you, taking care of you and cook something well for you as what your grandmother did before."

Nevertheless, Irene still must consider this thing twice to make sure she's going to choose the right path. If not, she will indirectly drag themselves into worse.

"My necessities are under my responsibility, so stop worrying and live your own life." he scoffed. "I don't care about living here all alone but first thing first, is yourself."

Irene didn't respond anything but looked away. She desperately wants to tell him what she really wants him to do but she felt heavy inside. She knew if she force Taehyung to do so, he won't listen. Moreover, he just lost his beloved grandmother and now, she's like a burden in his life.

Taehyung further his words, "We're living in totally different paths, Irene. You have your own chill life, everything you wish, you hope and you pleaded to own, you get it at last. While me? I suffered all times to hide this pain, I forced myself to face my problems and rooting for next chapter of my life even though I know it won't make a happy ending. And you know what is worse?"

He folded his sleeves up, then lifted his shirt up to his chest, showing the bruises and wounds plastered all over his body. "I ain't ask for this shits to be, I decided to grow up to solve what is undone and ended up to get this. My life is a nightmare that no one wish for it."

Taehyung pulled back his shirt down then his sleeves and stared again to Irene with teary eyes. "Irene, if you really care about me, you're permitted to leave. Let yourself be happy."

Avoiding his gaze was the only way she could do, her eyes staring at her own fingers instead of the man in front of him. She deadly cried inside and ready to shove her crumpled heart into the dustbin.

She eyed Taehyung stood up from the couch and wiped his tears. Her heart started beating fast as he slowly faded from her sight. She's panting, she got up on her toes, running towards Taehyung. Arms wrapped around his waist, as tight as she could, tears won't stop falling.

They just froze for awhile that gave her times to scent his fragrance and feels his warms as Taehyung turned around, making her loosen her hold. Her eyes locked into the orbs of his. He gave her expressionless and clueless face, she could guess everything by it.

She tiptoed, hesitating at first before pressing her lips against his soothing lips. Taehyung didn't move an inch, eyes didn't blink as he stared back to Irene's closed eyes.

It was her first kiss, yet she managed to favoured the taste of Taehyung's lips. It gave so much butterflies into her stomach, he was her happiness, then and now.

She parted away, gasped and lowered her head as Taehyung still staring at her in disbelief. She knew he will be mad at her but she just can't controlled her feelings.

"I-I'm sorry. That was, just a sign of my goodbye, for you." she lied.

She stepped back to give a space between them. As soon as she turned around, Taehyung grabbed her wrist and pulled her close back to him. His palm reached out to Irene's cheek and tilted his head to peck on her lips while his other hand rested on her waist, pulling her closer until their bodies touched.

What he just did was totally driving her crazy, he even turned the kiss into passionate one. She smiled while the kiss, her eyes closed, giving a respond by parting her lips to let him explore the taste of her.

For a moment she didn't believe he was the real Kim Taehyung. The cold ass person turned to such a gentleman with his sudden soft action. Is he being possessed?

Taehyung deepened the kiss by tilted his head to the other side while his hand tracing from her hair down to his back, giving pleasure to her. He moved themselves slowly until Irene's back met the wall.

She held back, pushing him softly as they gasped. He landed his forehead on hers, both fought for oxygens.

"Was that a sign to reply my goodbye?" she still catching her breath, her heart won't stop beating faster and faster.

Taehyung brushed her hair away from her face, gently rubbed her cheeks with his thumb, "Goodbye isn't in my dictionary for now."

She studying his face, just lost in confusion with the situation. Sometimes, she easily got frustrated when he showed his cold sides but at the same times she felt comfortable when he's around and she admit it.

"I love you, Bae Joohyun." she widened her eyes while gulped her saliva to wet her throat. She wasn't believe it but she hopes it was true.

She purposely asked him, "Say it again, Tae."

Taehyung playfully poked her nose bridge. "Tsk. I love you, idiot. No need to say anything because I know you love me more."

Irene felt weak on her feet to be in his hold. It makes her weaker as he just made a confession towards her. She thought she will be the first one to confess first but turned out to be vice versa.

She pulled his shirt collar so Taehyung's face could be in the same level as hers. His lips once again on hers, favouring each other's taste as both don't want to let go. She tighten it by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

Taehyung lifted her body, not parting away their lips as he brought her to the couch and ended up being on top of her. Savouring her was his only priority. He's satisfied with what he just did.

Just by kissing her, Taehyung totally forgot about his past, nibbling deeply her soft and pink lips. He went down to her neck, playfully leaving a red mark on it to claim her as his property.

By the time Irene knew that she needs him in her life and so does him.

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