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A heavy sigh escaped Taehyung's mouth. None a single word he dare to let out as his minds was only full of his grandmother's condition. It was not one of his plans to let this happened. He knew his grandmother's has only few days left yet he regretted for not taking the oppurtunity to spend more times with her.

He combed his hair with his fingers to the back, revealing his stressful face and landed his back against the seat. Irene was just still there besides him like a statue, either she felt like her heart was just stop beating or not, he felt the same way as her.

This mixed feelings was just too confusing; first, he felt angry with himself for not being cautious towards everything happened surround him and then, he felt completely down to see what's going to happen once the doctor step out.

Tears slowly slid through his tanned skin, by the time he knew he fucked up. This is going to be the end of his life, he has no one anymore to love him, to support him and care towards him.

The times has passed for too long, he was too tired for waiting. He sat nervously, playing with his fingers and quickly stood up as the doctor made his way from the operating room towards him and Irene out of sudden.

It's full of silence and he's sweating hard. What makes him more afraid was the doctor's expression says it all. It's like he'd already knew what's going to happen next, before the doctor could even tell him.

"We are so sorry. We've tried our best." the doctor stated with heavy heart to let out the truth and patted his shoulders before he made his way out from his sight.

He kneeled down on the floor, only weakness could felt on his feet, he sobbed under his palms and didn't care if people around see him like this. He could felt Irene's hands wrapped around his body and calming him by rubbing his back gently.

Things were completely devastated, the shine in his life was fully dimmed, he couldn't see the right path to live a happy life. The weaker his body hold, under Irene's embrace, with his head laid on her chest.

She lifted him by gripping his shoulders up, facing each other afterwards. She cupped his cheeks and wiped the tears with her thumbs. "We will face this together, okay?" he nodded while still sobbing like there's no tomorrow.

Together they went inside the operating room, and Taehyung didn't waste any second to approach himself near his grandmother's dead body. He hugged her the tightest he could give for the last time.

Irene already shed tears along with him from behind, not feeling strong enough to watch the tragic moment.

"W-why, Halmeoni, why? You promised y-you won't left m-me a-alone. P-please, just wake up and t-tell me this isn't true." he shook her body, despite knowing she never heard him. "Halmeoni, please..I beg."

Irene went by his side, comforting him was the only thing she could do.

24 hours passed by. That day is the day. The relatives and villagers gathered, joining each other in the funeral, which held in private building in Daegu town, same goes to him and Irene.

Taehyung put himself in a black suit, neat enough to give him a fresh look, but people didn't know his heart was robbed and shattered inside. While Irene, she's in a casual dress, looking feminime as always even with light make up, it's enough to cover her swollen face.

They dragged themselves into the building sides by sides, following with heavy and broken heart which in certain times it's hard to hide it but people shouldn't see him weak like this.

Irene just stared at the people because he never introduce herself once to his relatives so she don't know what to do except glued next to him.

"Hey, Kim Taehyung." a soft voice called him from behind. He quickly turned around to see Yoongi stood in front of him with font smile on his lips. They greet and hugged each other tightly.

"Hyung, how are you?" he asked politely.

Yoongi revealed his gummy smile, "I'm always good." he stated. "Taehyung, I hope you're good too. I know it's hard for you to accept this, but believe me, your grandmother will always be fine there. Let's just pray for the best."

His eyes became teary as Yoongi mentioned his grandmother, but he won't let it fall in front of him so he just hold it back as he could. "Thank you, hyung."

Yoongi rested his hand on Taehyung's shoulder and furrowed his brows. "Who's that young lady behind you?"

He quickly turned to see Irene was still behind him, clueless.

"Oh, hyung, this is Irene. And Irene, this is Yoongi-hyung, my friend from the village."

Irene bowed to him and they greet each other, "Nice to meet you, Yoongi." a broad smile formed on both lips of theirs.

Times by times passed, people began to lead their way home, leaving only Taehyung, Irene and some relatives there in the building.

Only sounds of sobbing could only hear inside the funeral. Taehyung already on his knee, facing the photo of his late grandmother. Irene didn't join him yet she just stood at the corner to give some privacy for him.

"Halmeoni, even though we couldn't see each other anymore, I can feel your soul is still here inside in my heart. You're far yet so near to me. You gave me everything that I never receive from my parents. Thank you for your sincere loves towards me. Let's meet again. I love you so much, Halmeoni. Rest in peace."

His knees untouched the floor as he recite the last word. Hard to leave, but he gathered all the strengths to get up and let the past behind.

He stepped out, passing by Irene who's still standing at the corner. She's not hesitated to follow him slowly until he stopped on his spot.

He turned around with red eyes and lost of strength, "Take me home."


The blanket hovered on top of his body, giving warm to his weak body. As soon as they arrived home, Irene quickly put him on the couch and make a bowl of ginger soup for him.

The whole day was just a mess and she knew he needs to be accompany just like her when she lost her mother.

"Irene." he called in low tone.


He stared into her gaze, "You've been here for too long, I think it's time for you to return to Seoul. Live your own life and don't mind me."


He had no idea either he accidentally said hurtful words for making her being this silent but he's sure he's saying the right thing.

"No." she exclaimed. "Is it really important to talk about leaving each other while you're in this bad condition? Taehyung, you need me, I know that. You can lie to me but you can't to yourself. As long as I'm here, no one is leaving and no one is protesting my choice. Stop saying weird things before I make yourself worse."

It's not even surprising for him. He even expecting those words to come from her mouth. Even though he knew her in just short times, he's already used with her stubbornness.

He stared to the white ceiling on top of him, slowly recalling his childhood in this house. His parents were chasing him at the backyard joyfully, playing hide and seek while his grandmother still looks healthy with fade grey bun.

Everything was perfect, then in just a blink his world turned upside down. He has everything in the past, but now he had nothing. Is it really worth to breath but dead inside?

He didn't realize he was in long deep thoughts until he caught Irene already laying her head next to him, sleeping. He moved aside slowly to face the sleeping beauty next to him.

Stroking her hair apart carefully using his index finger, he just want to observe the view that other people couldn't experience it. He lifted his corner of lips while caressing her soft face with the back of his hand.

"My grandmother surely miss to see her future granddaughter-in-law too."

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