Into the fire

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To the FANS of my STONE IN LOVE series, welcome to book three. I know the wait has been long, but the next season of gargoyles and demons has finally begun. This story has been one of the hardest to write because my fantasy brain kept taking the characters on crazy adventures that spiraled out of control, but I believe I have worked out all the kinks. Although there is still plenty of kinky. Prepare to make a leap into Reese's new world, one with unnatural villains and supernatural steam. For a recap of ENEMY MINE, see details below. (Thanks for the suggestion AnneButler0812)

For my RUSSIAN readers. This story introduces a new character with Russian ancestry. My research into word usage was limited to the internet, which is why I am hoping some of my Russian speaking readers will be so kind as to help me correct any improper use of the Russian language and offer alternatives.  

For any readers with experience in BONDAGE, particularly the art of Japanese bondage called Kinbaku. There are scenes in the story which describe the techniques of this specialized form of rope binding, and while I did my best to research this thoroughly, I may have gotten a few things wrong. Please, feel free to correct me on anything you notice that doesn't fit.

I hope everyone enjoys this installment of my sexy gargoyle series. I humbly ask that you excuse the rough edges. I only had a chance to do a single edit before posting, which is four less than my usual because perfectionism is a daily struggle. I'd rather have happy, satisfied readers who don't want to hunt me down and strangle me.

Kind regards and happy reading, 

M. Rider

RECAP of ENEMY MINE (SPOILERS): Reese spends time inside the hive of her birth mother and befriends Christoph, the demon who kidnapped her – Reese realizes she can produce the eternal flame – Cecile, the hive queen, is murdered at the hands of her daughter, Hadria – Hadria has her demon minions snatch a supernatural object from the Valentinos – Reese meets her birth father, Marco, who turns out to be the murderer of Vincent's father and Reese's mother – A rivalry builds between Reese and a female gollum named Deidra who wants Vincent for herself – Vincent's grandfather, Boris, a proud gollum who despises hybrids, pushes Reese off the penthouse balcony and Christoph saves her – Reese escapes an attack orchestrated by the high magister, Adamo, Boris, and a horny, British gollum named Stanhope – Marco attacks Vincent and leaves him for dead – Reese and Vincent get married and we are left to wonder if Reese is pregnant.

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