29. Child

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"Father!" Athena ran towards Lazarus, grabbing her skirts in a bunch as everyone stared at the scene.

"Athena. Miriam, it has begun. You need to go there. They are not allowing any men except me and I need a familiar face there. I don't trust anyone here." He rambled on, suspiciously glancing at everyone around.

"I'm coming." Athena began following him out despite the protests from the Alphas and Ryder.

'Athena, you can't go right now, that would mean you are disrespecting everyone gathered here.'

'Ryder. Please ask Aurora to meet me at the Ring. She is the only one I want to see with my mother right now.'

'But, Athena... '

Athena stopped by the door and turned around to face the stunned crowd.

"Papa," She began, calling him what she used to when she was four, "go ahead. The guard will take you to the Ring. I will be there soon." Saying which, she softly nudged him. Looking into her eyes with hope, he nodded as the guard showed him the way.

Turning around, she addressed the crowd.

"To all the people from various races gathered in this hall. This is my family, I will not apologise if you think this indecent or disrespectful because I know that each and every one of you here will do everything in your power to help those you love. I am here today, standing before you as Queen, because of him. So if you have any problems with me leaving right now, I will concern myself with them after I am back. Until then, please enjoy the celebrations."

Before anyone could reply, Athena spun on her heels and walked towards the Ring.

She could hear Miriam's screams before she even reached the ring, which made her want to run but also had her cursing the fact that she was wearing a dress. One of the healers-in-training helped her find her way to where Aurora was with Miriam and Lazarus. All the boys, even Adam who ran to the Ring as soon as he heard Lazarus, were outside standing or walking about nervously, grim looks painted on their faces. All of them looked as Athena ran over to them, trying not to flinch as their mother screamed in pain. Nodding and running in, she joined Aurora and Lazarus, holding onto her mother's hand to try to comfort and encourage her, along with a some other healers as well.

"Mama, I'm here. Don't worry, we won't let anything happen to you or the baby. Trust me, now push. You can do this!" she whispered into her ears as she looked and tried to smile at her.

When a faint pressure began to poke around at the back of her mind, she looked towards Aurora who looked like she wanted to talk to her. She quickly acknowledged the pressure and felt it open up to her.

'Athena, I will have to use a little bit of magic to ease the child birth, else she will not make it.'

Alarmed, Athena struggled to not to react to the news as she stole a glance at her father who held her mother's hand, afraid.

'Do it. Do anything you have to, just don't let either of them die, please.' Athena begged the healer.

Nodding, she began chanting softly as Athena kept her father and mother busy and ignorant, not knowing how they would react to the knowledge of getting help using magic. But soon enough, all the waiting, screaming and pushing stopped when the cry of a newborn rang out through the room. Sighing in relief, she let one of the healers take the babe to clean it and wrap it in some cloth as she stood beside her mother and father.

"Athena." Miriam began, smiling weakly at her, her hand raised slowly to touch her face. "My darling daughter, you have grown."

"Mama, I'm so happy you are here. Thank you. Thank you. For everything." She whispered, tears filling her eyes.

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