Beat You Next Time-Jeno(1)

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"Jaemin! Catch it!" Jeno yelled as he saw a ball hurdling towards Jaemin's chest. Jaemin acts quickly and puts his hand out to grab it, it slips out his hand and into the air again.

Renjun hurries to catch the ball so Jaemin can stay in. He succeeds with catching the ball and he does a small victory then he gives Jaemin a high five.

At the moment Jisung, Renjun, Jaemin, Jeno, and Mark were the last ones on their team of boys. Chenle has gotten out earlier in the game. He was hit by none other than Kim (Y/N), the most athletic girl in the school.

She's tried out for every sport and not once has she not made the team. Everyone wants to be on her team during any sport activity. She usually is the one to hype everyone up.

Jeno, the strongest boy in the school wanted to do nothing more than to beat her in at least one sport. Every time he's challenged her, he's failed every single time. He also has a huge crush on her and people in their school secretly ship them, including the teachers.

Most boys had crushes on (Y/N) but every time they asked her out she would always put them down gently and she would tell them; "I'm waiting on one particular boy to ask me out,"

(Y/N) was left on the court with only three girls from her entire team. They all aimed for Renjun and successfully got him out of the game. He walked back to the bench to join Chenle on the bench with the rest of his team. They all sat there talking since they didn't really care about the game as much as the others.

Most of the guys were on the bench just gawking at (Y/N) even though most of them were hit with the ball by (Y/N).

One of (Y/N)'s teammates, Kyu throws a ball towards Jaemin and to her surprise it hits him in the leg and rolls back to their side. She does a small celebration and Mark ends up hitting her with a ball on the arm. She walks back to the bench, disappointed that she let (Y/N) down, which she didn't.

"It's okay Kyu, you tried your hardest!" (Y/N) encouraged her as she proceeded to hit Mark with a ball, getting revenge for Kyu.

Kyu's face lights up and she continues to skip towards the bench with a smile on her face.

She eventually grabbed a ball and hit Jisung on his shoulder, and just like that he was on the bench clowning around with Renjun and Chenle.

"Damn it," Jeno cursed under his breath looking back at Jaemin, his only teammate left. "we'll never win against her at this point," he huffed out as he tried to throw a ball at (Y/N), but she quickly dodged it.

Just as he finished saying that Jaemin threw a ball hitting the third girl, Hyejun on (Y/N)'s teams. She hurried to get off the court in shame leaving only (Y/N) and the last girl, Son-Ha.

A smirk grew on Jeno's face as he finally had the chance to beat her in something. He threw a ball towards Son-Ha and it hits her in the side. She does her little walk of shame leaving (Y/N) on the court.

Jeno and Jaemin look at each other shocked. Jaemin smiles widely and he walks over to Jeno to give him a pat on the back. But at that moment (Y/N) hits him in the chest with a ball. He looks down at the rolling ball in front of him in disbelief. He then turns towards the benches and jogs over to them, taking a seat between Renjun and Chenle.

Jeno looks up at (Y/N) to see that she's staring at him as well.

Now, tension has rose in the gym. Everyone stopped talking to focus on the game between the two most athletic people in the entire school.

They kept throwing balls at each other but they would both keep dodging whatever came their way. The two teams began to cheer for their last player making the gym louder than ever.

(Y/N) threw every ball she had but Jeno kept dodging and dodging until he finally picks up a ball. He stares at (Y/N) with a determined look on his face, his heart pounding and his face lightly tinted a pink(which was for how tired he was, DEFINITELY NOT BECAUSE HE'S FLUSTERED AROUND HER) color.

With shaking hands he throws the ball and it hurdles towards (Y/N) in a spiral, aiming straight for her chest. She reacts quickly and catches the ball, ending the game and declaring Jeno out.

All the girls cheered and ran onto the court to congratulate (Y/N), most of the boys ran into the court and hoisted (Y/N) onto their shoulders. The rest of the boys go onto the court to go console Jeno and tell him he played very good.

Through all of the glory (Y/N) was being showered with she couldn't help but stare at Jeno with a guilty expression. Since she was always a good sport, she hated to see the other team sulking. Even though he had a smile on his face, she could see how sad his eyes were.

After the little celebration, they all went to go get changed and take their showers.

While walking out, Jeno decided to be the first one out but (Y/N) left in time to not miss him. She ran towards him with a red dodgeball in her hand, the same one she had caught.

"Jeno! Wait up!" Jeno stopped walking to see her behind him, holding the red dodgeball, that made him confused.

"What? Do you want to rub your victory in my face?" He scoffed. She shook her head no and handed the ball to him, which he took.

"Hit me." She said blankly. "I know how much you wanted to win so, here's your chance. Hit me." She smiled knowing that her face was a light pink color since she felt her cheeks heat up.

"What? The game is over though." He turned around to look at her.

"It's not over until you say it's over," she shrugged making Jeno chuckle. He stepped closer to her and leaned into her face, planting a kiss on her lips. He pats the ball onto her back as she slowly began to respond to the kiss.

He slowly breaks apart and smiles at her. "It's over." He said softly.

They both stood there staring at each other, (Y/N) has been waiting for this moment to come. She's always had a crush on Jeno since the very day she first talked to him. (Y/N) smiled widely and threw herself at Jeno.

"Finally! I was too scared to make a move!" She said excitedly as she looked up at Jeno's face. "Jeno, I like you, like a lot," she began to calm down. "I've liked you since the first time we competed against each other in that Tennis match two years ago."

"What, I've liked you way longer than that! Since seventh grade!" Jeno began to challenge her for how long he's liked her.

"Oh really?! Then maybe I should ask you out?" She began to catch onto what he was getting at.

"Not if I ask you out first!" He fired back.

"How about we just date?!" She began to get even closer to him.

"Yeah! I can't hold myself from kissing you!" He places his lips on hers making them both calm down and stop for a second. He wrapped his arms around her body and brought her closer to him. She wraps her arms around his shoulders and also leans in closer.

"Oohh! Jeno!" Suddenly, Marks voice booms through and they both break apart from each other shyly. They both had forgotten they were still in school.

"It's okay, we were wondering when you two would get together," Jaemin patted Jeno's shoulder. "I've shipped you two for so long, I'm happy."

"What are (Y/N)'s fanboys going to think?" Renjun said.

"They'll just have to accept that (Y/N) is taken." Chenle said as he continued to walk.

The rest of them followed along leaving (Y/N) and Jeno standing there. "So, uh...does this mean we're together?" Jeno rubbed his arm. (Y/N) grabs onto his hand and smiles towards him.

"Yeah, boyfriend.." she leaned up and pecked his cheek, which made him smile making (Y/N)'s heart flutter.

"Wow, after all this time you're finally mine, I'm happy you're here with me," Jeno said softly as he leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips.

"I'm happy you're here with me as well, this just feels right," she swung their hands back and forth.

Wellllllllllll that's Jeno's little part, it's soo cute!! Thanks kkbyebye


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