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    ROLLING MY EYES, I LISTENED TO ESMA TELL ANOTHER DAMN LIE. "But, y'all know I don't get down like that. I told him get the fuck out of my face." Sure you did, I thought.

Esma and I, became friends in the sixth grade and we've been tight ever since. I love this girl til' the grave and beyond but she was such a damn liar. She lied like lying was her second language.

"Bitch, you always damn lying. Don't nobody wanna hear that shit. We know you fucked him." Patience said. I stopped myself from laughing out loud.

Patience, on the other hand, has been my friends since second grade. This girl did not care what came out of her mouth. She was so blunt and so real which kept us friends for so many years. I could always count on her to tell me when I look a hot ass mess. Like everyone always say, "if Patience said it, you know it's true." This bitch did not give two fucks.

Esma smacked her lips and rolled her eyes. "I'm not lying, whore. I didn't fuck him. I'm changing my life around. Support me, bitch."

"Eat me out first." Patience replied back while sneering.

"You're so nasty. Don't nobody want to hear that." Kahjah spoke with a look of disgust on her face.

Now Kahjah, she was just as blunt as Patience but the only difference was this bitch couldn't fight to save her life. It was either me or Patience fighting for her. She had the mouth and we always had to come back it up. She was also the smartest one out of us. The damn mother of the group. We met her in 5th grade.

"That was so uncalled for." Esma said while sticking the middle finger. "Anyways, y'all this there's any parties tomorrow that ain't getting shot up?"

I busted out laughing. "Ho' you know where you live at?" Every party in this damn town was getting shot up and she knew it. I don't even know why she wasted her breath.

"I bet Nyxx kick-back not getting shot up." Kahjah said while smirking at me. All of my friends were so convinced that I still liked Nyxx but honestly I couldn't stand that boy. Stank ass bitch.

"No. No. Fuck you, and stop looking at me like that." I folded my arms across my chest. This boy was a whole dick. "Fuck that. I hope y'all have fun."

"Stop being a brat, Av. Please come with us. Please?" Patience almost begged.

"I wasn't even invited. I'm not 'bout to just pop up at somebody kick back and they ain't ask for me to be there." I shrugged.

"Fine. I'll just text him and see if he wants you there." Esma said while pulling out her phone.

"And you got my man number because?" I asked raising an eyebrow at her. She started laughing but I wasn't laughing at all. "Kiki hell, what?"

"I just wanted to see how you'd react so we're going. Pick you up at 9?"

I rolled my eyes but finally gave in. "If he talk to me, Ima ruin his night so he better not say nothing to me. Period." I got up off the park bench.

"You're such a crab, ho." Kahjah said shoving me slightly. "You need dick."

"You need dick. I need one billion dollars in my bank account immediately. We're not the same." I replied, honestly. I was the meanest out of the bunch next to Patience but they knew it was nothing but love.

"I still don't know why we're friends. You're a bitch." She said while laughing. We all headed to Esma's car and got inside. First, we dropped Patience off home since she stayed down the street from the park. Then we dropped Kahjah off.

I was the last one to get dropped off because I lived on the other side. Ima suburban kid. Bloomfield Hills. I only came to Lincoln Heights the days that there was no school or weekend due to the fact that it was 3 hours away more or less. I knew I could always count on my girls to make the trip.

My dad's girlfriend would have a cow if she found out I was in Lincoln Heights. My dad's girlfriend, Jesse is an orthopedic surgeon and my daddy was a Cardiologist. I kept this part of my life more private. I don't act like I got it out the mud but I've become too adapted to all of the areas that my friends have me around. I hate when people treat me different when they find out where I love. I also hated how bougie my family was. We pulled up in front of my house.

"I still can't believe you chose to be in Lincoln Heights when you fucking live in a mansion. We can switch lives any day you want. I'm sick of it."

"There's so many uppity people over here. You know I hate people like that. I much rather be with people who appreciate things and actually came from nothing than be around people who always got stuff handed to them and treat others different because of it. You know this." I sighed. "Love you, call me when you get home."

"I know, I know. Just don't let Jesse find out. And love you too. No problem.." She replied. She waited for me to go inside before pulling off. I dropped my bag by the front door and took off my shoes.

"Jesse! Dad!" I shouted but got no answer. I walked down the long hall then turned into the kitchen where Jesse was cooking. "You didn't hear me calling you? Where is my dad?" I asked going into the fridge and getting a bottle of apple juice.

"Work. Where were you?" I could already sense that she had an attitude and I wasn't in the mood for it. I rolled my eyes.

"Mall with Esma. I told you this." I hate when she act like she have no clue what the fuck going on.

"What mall? You've been gone since 8am. It's 1am." She said with her attitude being apparent.

"You feeling some type of way right now?" I sat my apple juice on the counter and folded my arms across my chest.

"I just think it's funny that instead of going to the mall, you drove right past it. But since you're so concerned, yes. Yes, I'm feeling some type of way. Where were you?"

"You followed me? Does my dad know?" I was in beyond disbelief. "You have got to be fucking kidding me." I mumbled pulling out my phone so that I can call my dad. This ho' got the right one.

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