First Encounter

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Alexys POV

Damn, what's  that noise? I just sleep after my shift from the hospital, believe me I am freaking tired but I really love my job. But before that, Hey! My name is Alexys. I am a brain surgeon. I work in our own hospital which owned by my parents or literally by my mom because well she's a doctor also, so my dad as the love of her life he build a hospital for my mom and for the people who can't afford for their medicine and hospital bills. Good right? Well, literally we are known in this world. From my great great great grandparents unto me. Well, I am not bragging here, because even though we are one of the richest in this world I am still a normal person. And I love to stay lowkey or shall we say normal person. But I know that I am not since I was born as an intersex, I have a male genital but still my parents loves me very much. I know my dad was disappointed when I choose this career but he loves me very much so he supported me still. My mom, well she's so happy when she finds out that I wanted to be a doctor. But actually the reason why I wanted to be a doctor because 10 years ago I lost my best friend, he died from brain tumor, and I didn't take it well. I was so devastated. He is my one and only best friend. He help me a lot from our childhood to high school even though he knows my real situation he still accepts me and supports me. So when he passed away I decided to become a brain surgeon. I wanted to help people. So here I am a very successful surgeon not to brag but I always do my best to operate each of my patient. I am always happy to help them. Seeing their smiles for their family and their willingness to fight for their illness always soften my heart. How I wished to do this to my best friend when he's still alive. How I wished to turn back the time but maybe God has a purpose. And I am his purposed. I give hope to people. And I will always will. But back to reality why is my phone is ringing non stop? When I look at my phone, oh it's my dad. Why would he call me in this moment? Maybe its emergency.

Me: 'Hey dad!'

Dad: 'Hi, did I wake you up?'

Me: 'Yeah, but its okay dad. I just sleep from my shift.'

Dad: 'Oh sorry honey, I just wanted to remind you regarding to our meeting which is will be happening within an hour?'

Me: 'Oh, I totally forgot about that dad, I am so sorry. I've been so busy lately. Okay, I'll be there dad.'

Dad: 'Are you sure honey? Coz you been so worked up lately I don't want you to get sick, if you're not ok we can just cancel it.'

Me: 'I'm okay dad, besides I missed you so much. Its gonna be a quality time with my super dad'(chuckle)

Dad: '(chuckel) okay honey, thank you so much. I'll see you at the office.'

Me: 'Okay dad see you there. Love you.'

Dad: 'Love you too honey, thank you. Take care while you're driving, okay? Bye'

Me: 'Yeah, you too.Bye'(hanging up)

Hmm, this is interesting, what on earth would my dad will do? Why do I have to go to his office? Anyway I have to prepare. What should I wear? Well I can go there on a simple casual. It doesn't matter anyway. After that I can go directly to my work. Yeah that's it. White plain tshirt v-neck then black jeans and my coat. I guess this one would be okay....

(After 30 mins.)

I walk through my garage well I have my own penthouse since I wanted to live alone but sometimes I crashed out to my parents mansion, I just missed the scenery there. And the people who serves us. I am too closed to them. They're like my family.

Now riding my baby kawasaki ninja motorbike. Yes, I love motorbikes my dad doesn't fond of them also my mom but I love riding this although I have my own car actually supercars but I love the wind so I always ride with my bike. But its actually weird coz my dad sent me a message that we will meet at his bestfriend office which is in the Fields Company. I wonder why thou. But its dad. I have to be there.

(After 25 mins...)

(Sigh...) Why I am so nervous right now? I just hope this meeting will end well. I parked my baby in front of this company. People notice me. Well I can't blame them my face is not well-known here and I don't care. Sigh* Should I call my dad that I had arrived? Sigh* Anyway, its now or never. I walk through the door without paying attention when I accidentally bump to somebody...well not just somebody because she is so well a goddess. Wow, never thought I could meet someone like her but wait, she's mad. Oh no! I guess I am in trouble. Well, really I am in trouble. God, I am totally late with the meeting. Dad, will kill me. What should I do? This goddess is glaring at me no, crashed out the goddess, an amazon. I cleared my throat.

"Ahm, I am so sorry" i said while scratching my neck. "I didn't meant-

"You! Next time watch where you're going!!!" She interrupted me. God this woman is a death of me, I thought riding a bike is dangerous but this woman in front of me is more dangerous. Damn, I can't even open my mouth. "So what now? You don't have a mouth to talk?! She asked while glaring at me.
"Ahm, look amazon I mean ahm miss amazing I am so sorry okay? But I have to go inside now because I have a meeting in there" she was confused then suddenly she just laugh. God, she's not just  an amzon but also a crazy woman also. Why is she laughing at me? Then she stop and says "in that kind of clothing? And you're riding a motorbike? I don't know if what are you doing here but I guess you have to go, this is not a park that you can just scatter here, so shoo go away and never return here you imbecile! Never ever step here, and I don't want to sew your face ever! Unders*" God this woman. Thank God she was interrupted by my phone. (Answering)

Me: 'yes, hello?' I am answering while facing this woman.

Nurse: 'Doc, we have a problem, doc Gian is sick so she can't make it today to operate the operation, she said if its okay for you to do it for her. Her patient is actually dying doc, we need you now. As in asap. You're the only one who can do this. (In a nervous tone)

Me: 'okay I'll be there, please prepare the room now. Bye' (hanging up)

"Well look miss, I am sorry okay, but next time be careful of what you're saying especially if you do not know them. Bye and have a good day" walking away from her. I know she hates me but that girl, anyway what will I tell my dad. Thank God that woman just walk away also and get back to the office. Maybe she's working there. She just have a bad day I guess no no no still your should be careful. Well, why do I am thinking about her. I have a patient to cure.

...dialling dad...

Me: ' hey dad look I am so sorry, something came up at the hospital, I have to go there. I'll make it up to you dad. Don't get mad at me. I have a patient who is dying. Love dad. (Hanging up)

I know dad will be mad at me that's why I just hang up eventually. But this is a matter of life and death. I hope he'll understand this. I'll just text him to have dinner whenever he's ready. I have to text mom also. (Sigh*) walking to bike and on the way to hospital.

(So that's the first chapter guys, I hope you'll like it. Its my first time to right here at wattpad although I am writing on my notes but maybe its time to share my stories here. I HOPE YOU'LL LIKE IT GUYS. AND PLEASE SUPPORT ME. SORRY for the wrong grammar, spelling and everything. Its just, I guess, its still new to me :).

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