35. You Want Me

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"He said what!!" She gasped and let go of the bag.

"Oh, Goddess! Keep holding it, you'll draw unwanted attention to us!" I scolded her and she quickly smiled weakly and held the bag.

"Tell me everything."

"Technically he told me how he felt at the party..well actually he yelled it at me."

"Wait, what? That's not cute." Kendra said confused.

"Right! That's what I'm saying. He practically yelled it at me during an argument and now he suddenly expects me to say it back."

"Well did you say it back?" She asked as we swapped positions and she took the gloves from me.

"No of course not!."

"Why not?"

"Because... How could I? He has done so many terrible things to me Kendra! He practically tore me away from my family, destroyed my relationship with my sister!"

"And yet..you chose to stay here." She said simply and rolled my eyes in annoyance.

"Regardless, we're just so incompatible. We spend most of our time disagreeing on everything or ending up in heated love sessions."

"Why are you fighting this so much Neaveh?" She asked and relaxed her arms. "I mean look, He's become a better Alpha and leader because of you. I saw the two of you at the rally. Y'all looked majestic, almost like royalty as you addressed the entire Pack after the challenge." She said smiling, landing another jab at the bag.

"Who's side are you on?" I laughed weakly.

"Yours, always. I'm just saying I've seen the way he looks at you and treats you like a queen. You fight with him on everything and he sees that as utter rejection." She said firmly as she hit the bag harder, causing me to stumble.

"Be grateful you've got someone who loves you like that..some of us just aren't that lucky." She mumbled the last part and stretched out her arms. I released the bag and stepped backwards and sighed.

"I guess.. I just feel like he's only with me because we're Truly Mated.." I mumbled to myself as I sat down on the grass. Kendra followed suit and sat down, her legs up and knees bent.

"You guys are what!?" She gasped and my eyes widened in shock. I didn't think she heard me. "Wait! I didn't know they really existed!"

"Keep your voice down!" I hushed her and sat closer to her. "We knew the moment we met," I said honestly.

"But he still chose your sister.." she reminded me, a confused expression on her face.

"Yes, yes, that's a long story. What should I do now?" I asked her defeated.

"I say, don't rush into anything and be honest because you can lie to me, or him but you cant lie to your wolf."

That was true. I guess some part of me was afraid to give myself fully to Cyrus.

I sighed in annoyance. I hated feeling like this.

"True Mates huh?" Kendra presses on and I nodded.

"You're so fucking lucky Nevaeh! Everyone else has to go searching for a possible mate but yours has been handed to you by the Moon Goddess herself!" She said excitedly and got up, grabbed my  forearm and pulled me up to stand.

She linked our arms and walked me into the Pack House, as we walked we passed the eager eyes of Enzo, Cyrus and Jaxon.

"Isn't it amazing?!" Kendra squeaked quietly. She knew werewolves had incredible auditory skills. Her voice seemed to fade out as she continued to ask me questions about my situation.

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