New Conduit

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When we returned home, I noticed that in the mailbox was a letter addressed to me. It was a letter from school.Because of my powers and fuss that I can cause, I was asked to come to school after the holidays, exceptionally later. So on the first day of the new half-year, I came to school when I saw that most of the students disappeared from the corridors.

When I reached to my class, I noticed Irina.

F/N: Irina? What are you doing here?

Irina: Hello F/N-kun! Michael decided that I should be your support from Heaven. So I was transferred to your school!

Irina was so happy that she showed her angel wings!

F/N: I'm happy, but hide these wings! We do not want anyone to see them...

When Irina hid her wings, the class door opened and I saw our teacher.

Teacher: Ms. Shidou, You ca-

The teacher looked at me and froze in place.

Teacher: Mr. L/N- L/N-!

She began to stutter and tremble.I don't know if she got scared of me or not, but I had to calm her down.

F/N: Calmly! I will not hurt anyone! I promise! Please, calm down!

The teacher continued to look at me dumbfounded.

Irina: I'd better take her with me...

Irina caught the teacher and dragged her to the classroom. I heard the teacher trying to introduce Irina, with trembling voice.

Teacher: The-There is o-one more th-thing we have to di-discuss... Mr. L/N... Y-You can c-come in!

When I heard this, I opened the door and immediately heard the girls' squeaks.

Girl 1: Kyaa! It's him!

Girl 2: A real hero!

Girl 3: Please, go on a date with me!

The boys, on the other hand, were in the eyes craving of murder. However, none of them said anything, probably for fear of vengeance. When I stood in front of the classroom, I felt a tingle all over my body. I knew it was not a normal feeling.Something prompted me to use my radar pulse. When I sent the electrical impulse, the aura of almost all students was the same... except one person...

Kiryuu: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Aika Kiryuu, her aura stood out from the crowd. Her was just like mine.

F/N: Nothing... We'll talk later...

Everyone was looking at me and Kiryuu, curious. They started whispering to each other but it did not interest me much. I was interested, if she really is a conduit, can I activate her powers, and if so, how... I sent a message to Eugene to come to a small forest next to our school. I had a plan... After the lesson, everyone rushed towards me and started asking me questions. I got up from my chair and walked to Kiryuu.

F/N: There is issue, we have to talk.

Kiryuu: Huh? So maybe we can talk he-?

F/N: In private. Come to the forest next to the school...

Kiryuu POV

F/N left the classroom, he had a serious face. What can a "hero" want from me? A moment after F/N left, I set off towards the forest.

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