My Beloved, Forgive me... Won't you? 1.7

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As the original host's sister took charge of me in the wheelchair. I already noticed a lot of people talking with other, creating a chattering noise. I saw a lot of women wearing fancy clothes that can be known to be expensive just from a glance.

If I didn't know that this was a meeting, I would've thought of this as a party instead.

What need is there to wear such revealing clothes when it's just a meeting? They probably also treated this secretly as a matchmaking event.

A man that looked like in his mid' 40's with signs of old age appearing, like what was described with XiuLan's parents went and appeared in front of them, with a young man with black-rimmed glasses following not far behind. His glasses glinting, highlighting his look of utmost confidence and calculative self. He was fairly good-looking, though fell short to other handsome men I've seen.

Me and the WeiYing looked at the old man and their father talking with each other. In the corner of my eye, I could see the young man behind that old man was absent-mindedly staring at my sister. He didn't seem to notice my observation.

The looks in his eyes were filled with infatuation and young love, I followed his line of sight and turned to WeiYing sister. It seemed that she was not looking this way.

I glanced at the surroundings and aside from that man, others were looking at her too. Some with pure infatuation and others, with undisguised lust looking at the curves of her body. Noticing those who had looks of lust while staring at her sister, immediately filled me with disgust.

Right after the old man left, I could see the disappointment in the young man's eyes for not witnessing her beauty enough. Goodness, WeiYing's beauty is really incomparable for many people to fall for her like this.

After a few more people talk to XiuLan's parents. Finally, they started to proceed into the meeting room.

The meeting room was quite large. There were quite a number of chairs arranged with titles on the tables in front. Our parents sat in the near front as they prepared themselves to get comfortable for the meeting. Meanwhile, me and XiuLan's sister, just sat outside along with the heirs and heiresses.

Just after WeiYing chose her seat in the waiting room. A sudden commotion and a lot of bodyguards were suddenly around. This brought attention to many people, and I can't also help but look at the source.

The source was a young man who walked along the hall with his hand in his cuffs. He was wearing a striped shirt with a black coat draping over his shoulders. He was wearing sunglasses as well.

Wait, shouldn't he remove his sunglasses first? He is now inside after all.

I noticed that there was an old man behind bowing slightly, inexplicably mysterious but respectfully smiling at that domineering man. Looks like his butler.

This feels like I'm that wallflower one of those from Mary Sue novels. I looked at my sister and she was slightly furrowing her eyebrows causing wrinkles on her forehead. Her eyes were filled with worry and confusion, did some kind of past happened?

But still, aside from confusion and worry, there were hints of longing and infatuation. Though as little as a grain of sand, it was still noticeable.

Aiya! Rich people really do have a lot of mysterious pasts!

With that man's male lead of a halo, he will sure notice that I've been staring at the both of them so I averted my eyes away.

He took his sunglasses off then glanced around, he then looked on the watch on one of his wrists to identify the time.

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