🦇 Chapter 2 : Bat Trap Pt2/2

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🦇 Chapter 2 : Bat Trap Pt2/2

The afternoon quickly causes panic in the streets as smoke bombs go off in various directions ..

Bruce gets an alert

" SuperGirl do your best to find Robin , i will assist WonderWoman on the far left side of town .  . "  he teases. .

The local news reports that

Cat Grant was kidnapped by a villain called The Joker !

Supergirl worries for her sister Alex , but doesnt make a scene in fear people may catch on that she's close to her .

A young woman introduces herself as Bruce Wayne's friend

Barbara Gordon .

" Nice to meet you SuperGirl , i hope you dont mind but i updated a few gadgets for you to use this is a mini frisbee toss it in your enemy's direction it opens up to be a cage that can contain them for no more than 20 seconds so you can accomplish what needs to get done ! " warns Barbara

She sighs , takes a few breaths then flys ..

She confronts The Joker at his Secluded Island ..

" Ahh , there she is the Super Brat of a cousin to Superman !

Don't you even think about walking or one step further or else Cat Grant dies ! " he taunts

SuperGirl demands her release , but his loud clown like laugh sends chills down her spine !

" I hate clowns ! "

she states quickly blowing strong currents of wind to knock her enemy out of the way enough to allow his victim freedom !

Cat Grant Screams , then flees !!

Meanwhile. .

The Joker is upset he's been duped so he grabs another smoke bomb to disappear ..

She also sees Robin tied up in a far corner .

She helps untie him then notifies Batman !

Less than 10 minutes later ..

She's honored to meet WonderWoman alongside Batman .

Barbara Gordon promises SuperGirl

' Don't let this mishap get you down we heroes get to fight another day "

They hug then she vanishes ..

Robin Thanks Supergirl for rescuing him .

Batman / WonderWoman smile

then flee ..

Supergirl assumes they must be dating ..


Cast :

Cat Grant :

Calista Flockhart

-- Special Guest --

Batman :

Ben Affleck

WonderWoman :

Gal Gadot

Robin :

Brenton Thwaites

Barbara Gordon :

Lucy Hale

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