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   f/n= father's name  L/n= last name h/l= hair length h/c= hair color

        I stood on the balcony of my parent's villa watching the streets beneath me. I would always see a man in hooded robes dashing upon the rooftops and in alley ways. Rumor has it it was Ezio Auditore himself. He just recently began many of his missions in Roma. The only reason i know of him is due to word around Italy and my father. My father f/n L/n, a former Templar for the Italian order. I overheard his vengefulness for Ezio from a young age. I never believed it, my mother told me all his words were lies. She knew the Auditore, they were of none of his told descriptions. She always told me how Ezio was a ladies' man and a young, brave, and compassionate yet always had a touch of recklessness to his character. Soon after my father's death, my mother hid me from the assassins with no given reason. Then after her own death it was only my brother and I, or so i expected.

     Later that day i decided to go to the market for my mother. As i searched around i began to notice guards headed in my direction. My pulsating heart speeding up the closer they got. One of the guards swiftly dragged me from a stand in the midst of onlookers. "WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME? PUT ME DOWN YOU BASTARDI!!" I yell as i am dragged away from the market and brought to a cage upon a carriage. "I am innocent i tell you!" I plead one last time before the following words. "Save it for Cesare." The stern words were then followed by nothing but silence..

To Be Continued...

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