Saving Simon

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Derek and I stood at the end of the corner, peaking out as slyly as we could. He quickly motioned me back, but I only grasped his hand and slightly leaned further out.

"Chloe," he whispered, tugging at my hand.

I stepped back. He took one last glance around the corner before backing up as well.

We were on a rescue mission to rescue Simon from the ghost of Dr. Davidoff. Apparently, even though he's dead, Marcel decided he still wanted to experiment on us. And since he was an Agito half-demon, he could still move things around in our world. So he nabbed Simon with something and kidnapped him, taking him back to the ruins of the old Edison Group laboratory. The Nasts flew all of us out to rescue Simon, and stayed close by so we could hop into the helicopter and fly off.

We were now trying to get inside the ruins. And since I was the only necromancer, I was the only one who could see Dr. Davidoff. Well, except for Liz, who's also a dead telekinetic half-demon, except her powers are stronger than Marcel's. She's a Volo half-demon, and was currently with Maya and Daniel holding a stack of papers and a pen so she could communicate with them.

"Coast is clear," I said. "I don't see Marcel."

He nodded and we stepped around the corner. We made our way into the ruins of the building, collapsed from the damage we had caused over two years ago when fighting against the Edison Group and running off.

I held onto Derek's hand as we made our way down the broken halls. It didn't seem like anyone had been in this room since we were held captive here. I steered Derek down hallway after hallway, until he perked up, obviously hearing something I couldn't. Considering he had werewolf hearing, that was normal.

His grip tightened on my hand and he stepped in front of me, leading me down the hall. We stopped in front of a familiar room. I remembered it from when I'd seen Aunt Lauren with Simon on the other side of a glass wall when we'd been taken back by Margaret and Russel.

Once we got close enough, I heard what he must have. Muffled coughing. And if he heard it, then that meant—

"Simon," I whispered.

A small chuckle sounded from inside the room. When Derek didn't tense like I did, I knew it was Marcel.

"He's in there," I mouthed. "Marcel."

Derek tightened his grip on my hand again and took a deep breath before breaking the door open. On the other side, Simon was tied down to a table, a gag shoved inside his mouth, hands and feet tied down. Marcel loomed over him with a syringe, ready to stab it into his arm. When he heard the door crash open, though, he turned to us. When he saw me, his smile widened.

"Chloe," he said. "It's been a while."

"It sure has," I said.

"How does it feel? Knowing that you killed me and all."

"I feel good knowing that I removed an evil being from our world."

His smile faltered. "Not the least bit sorry, I see. You sure have changed."

"I'm sure you didn't feel sorry when you killed Liz."

"She was having problems, and—"

He staggered back.

"Trying to banish me, I see," he said. "I'm not having any of that, Chloe."

Derek ran towards Simon and tossed the gag out of his mouth. I squeezed my eyes shut and focused on banishing Marcel. Just one big mental slam, and—

A gun fired. My eyes snapped open to see Marcel, gun in hand, pointing directly at—

I turned to Derek, and my eyes widened.

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