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Hey guys! I just looked back at this and woah. 80k? I never could've imagined that. When I finished this I was at 5k which is just crazy seeing what it's at now. I just have one question for you guys.

Of course, this book is finished, as there isn't any sequel or prequel I could really do. But, I was wondering if anyone would want me to go back and edit the story a bit? Maybe fix some stuff?

I've noticed how there are some parts where people are like 'seems sus but ok'. For example, the part where I completely forgot that Dan had crutches. Everyone caught onto that before even I did 😂. I've gotten better at writing since then, so I was wondering if you guys would want me to do that or if I should keep the raw writing from 2-3 years ago. Thank you for all of the reads!

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