Perfect Ch. 5

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Jealous(noun)- fiercely protective or vigilant of one's rights or possessions.

"Oh my goooood. I'm such an idiot." I said into my pillow for a tenth day in a row. Every morning since what happened behind my house I've relived that memory and felt so embarrassed about it.

I hugged him! I went all sad, and mysterious on him. I held his hand! I got too personal, too fast. I'm getting way to close with him. Out of anybody that I could have done that with, he is the worst case scenario. He could use this against me! He could use it to kill me or something. Just because I had a moment of weakness, and accidentally let myself slip and open up to him, doesn't mean I fully trust him. After the things I've seen about him, and heard of what he does; it's going to take more than a miracle for me to trust him.

Let's just say I haven't gone to the creek since it happened.

Sadly, today is a Saturday so I don't have school to distract me from me sitting around and wallowing in my own embarrassment.

"Ugh, why do I do this to myself." I said into my pillow, my words sounding muffled.

As I laid on my stomach, I looked up from my pillow to see the alarm clock on the small night side next to my bed. It read in big red letters: 10:19 AM.

"I might as well get up now and make some breakfast for myself." I said to nobody in my room but me as I sat up on my bed and grabbed my phone. Mom's probably already at work. I thought to myself.

I came down the stairs to be met by an empty kitchen and living room, a.k.a. an empty house.

"What do I want today? Pancakes? Or cereal?" I contemplated with myself. Wait! Do we have-? Yes! We have chocolate chips!

"Pancakes it is." I smirked to myself as I started my playlist on Pandora and started making myself pancakes.


After successfully making three golden brown pancakes, I was finally done. And also managed to get flour everywhere.


Oh well, this is my price for wanting pancakes. Surprisingly enough, no flour got on my clothes.


"Finally." I said to myself after quickly getting all the flour off of every surface it somehow reached.

"Now, there is a small stack of pancakes calling my name." I said turning around and taking a seat by the small island in our kitchen that's basically used as a dining room table since it's only me and my mom that live here. Except for the rare occasions my dad stops by to live with us for a few months when he needs money; but that's a story for later.

I dug into my pancakes while scrolling through Instagram as a pass time. Suddenly I got a text from my neighbor Tyler who I'm close friends with. And, to be honest- I've always had a small crush on him, but we're only friends. He goes to a private school (even though he lives 2 houses down) and I don't see him that often. I would go to the school he goes to since it's not too far from where my regular school is and everyone in my school hates me for no reason; but it's too expensive. Though, it is fun to see him when they few times I do.

Hey I'm off from work this weekend, wanna hangout today?

Yeah sure! Wanna to come over at around 1:30?

That's perfect, see you then,

See you then,

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