Domineeringly polite

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I wake up in a whitewashed room. I feel like I am in one of those science fiction movies where the protagonist wakes up to find themselves in a alternate universe where everything they preconceived about their world had been wrong.

But I could tell Aniket was here because his Audi car keys was situated on the corner of the nightstand. I sigh, trying to get up. I feel well rested for some reason. I have no clue how long I've been asleep or how Aniket got me here, but I was glad that he did. I desperately needed the rest, and if I had been at the hospital, I would've have preoccupied myself with work.

When I sat up, I notice my outfit for the first time. I'm wearing a peach floor length v-neck dress with thin straps along the front and back.  I place my hand on my hair to notice that it had been immaculately done.

I rush into the first door I could find to see that it was the washroom. The mirror reflects my image as I flick the light switch upwards. My dark hair is neatly done in a ponytail, and I find myself wearing a heart shaped necklace with little circular diamonds on the front.

I smell myself, noticing that I smell like strawberries. Last time I showered, it was with my orchid-scented body wash.

Someone must had changed, clothed and fed me while I was out; which means I've been unconscious for more than one day.

My hands immediately move to my stomach, concerned for the fetus growing inside of me. My baby.

I hit my head; if something did happen to the child, then I would be at the hospital. Not here.

What if I've been discharged? I remember fainting. I did lose a significant amount of blood from my wounds. Did I have a miscarriage because of the blood loss?

I suddenly felt dizzy, and bile rose at the thought of losing my child. I clutched the dress and barfed the contents of my stomach into the basin, turning on the water to get rid of the disgusting slime off the white sink. I had come to love the little fetus, even though I had always been reminding myself that anything could occur before five months of pregnancy.

But I couldn't confirm anything. Did the baby even have a heartbeat?

My hands instinctively went to my radial pulse, and my neck to check for the baby's sign of survival.

You could only hear the baby's heartbeat after twelve weeks, according to Alisha.

How long has it been since I got pregnant? Aniket and I got married roughly around three months ago. I got pregnant after a month and  a week. I was, to an estimate, around six to seven weeks pregnant. I still had about six more weeks until I hear the sign of my child's existence in my womb.

I sigh in relief; morning sickness. That was a indication that my baby was fine. I am still pregnant.

I wipe the nonexistent sweat off my face and try to smile. I am fine. All is well.

My baby is alright, and by the looks of it, Aniket was close. He must've changed me and fed me. I blush about the fact that he had to take care of me while I was completely unconscious. The devil could have done anything to me, and I couldn't have fought, or remembered, for all that matters. It has me wondering what my charming husband had done to me while I was out.

I know I would have done a lot more if I could just get my hands on him.

I missed him.

Where is he, anyways? By the looks of it, he has horrible bed side manners. Didn't anyone tell him that he should be there for someone when they're about to wake up?

I sneer at the thought, chiding myself. How would he know that I was about to awaken?

I switch the lights off, making sure that I looked alright before exiting the extravagant washroom. I notice another white door at the other side of the bed, and I walk towards it. Before I reach it, however, I notice that my limp has vanished. I crouch down, lifting the peach dress to see that the wound had completely healed. I check my collarbone, to see the stitches gone, and my flesh almost back to its original complexion.

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