Fade - Chapter 5

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So they days go on, and time wavers with the moonlight shining in through the window of the mansion.

'Hell" is simply a place to Ciel, now... before, he'd thought there'd be the screams and cries of broken souls; much like his own. He now knows that 'hell' s simply just another realm, full of imaginary cherry blossoms floating on the winds of a never changing tide.

Ciel realizes he feels guilty for causing Sebastian to stay with him... and because of this fact, Ciel turns away from the comforting words of is butler, whilst the tears of loneliness stray from is eyes.

Ciel feels nothing so deeply, he feels everything at once.

He laughs his bitter laugh before Sebastian 's confused gaze,and simply turns away.

Ciel teaches himself how to not feel anything, once more. He ignores the empty feeling gathering in his stomach, and pushes his loved one away... bit by bit, until it is like it was before; strange, and surreal.

'Your tea, young master."

Ciel takes the tea silently, his gaze never once colliding with the servant's. Sebastian has sadly gotten used to the demeaning attitude the former Earl faces; his words unspoken, and his questions unanswered.

"You may go."

The boy says after noting the way in which the butler seems to linger a moment longer than anticipated. After a slight pause, and a hesitation of feet, the butler leaves him be.

Ciel's brain tells him to spill the words he used to utter behind closed doors... to never simply sweep them under the rug as he would do so again. His brain now screams for him to whisper those words he treasured more than the contract it's self... his mind betrays him as he mouths the words:

'I love you.'

And Sebastian cannot hear him as he leaves the empty room; for his back is turned unto the Earl... and as his feet disappear behind the crack in the door, Ciel's head is rested upon the thick black wood of the desk as a tiny tear soaks into the paint.

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