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While Jorah went to Ian's house to get several items needed for their raid on the basement of the History Museum, Ian helped Sonora get home safely. She made it into her house on trembling legs with Ian's help. Her mother and father rushed through the kitchen to meet her.

"Sunny! Your dad and I were just on our way out the door to go back to the hospital. They let you come home?"

"Well, they told me to rest, but I should be okay. Have you had the news on?"

Azurine shook her head as she waved everyone into the living room. As she got her daughter comfortable in a chair, she gave Ian and his bruised body several hard looks. "Sunny, what is going on?"

Sonora grabbed her mom's hand. "Oh, Mom. I don't even know where to start. It's all just so... so horrible."

Azurine dropped to the floor at Sonora's side. Sonora's father came into the living room and seeing his wife's distress at Sonora's words came to stand beside her.

Sonora looked to her grandfather. She didn't know where to start, maybe he did.

Blake stepped forward. "This all—everything that's happened is because of our Atlantian side."

Mike gave a sharp nod. "I'm not surprised this day has come. How bad is it?"

"Bad. Really, really bad."

Blake wiped at his eyes as he started his story with Devon's experiments and ended with the AgFlu. Mike and Azurine's expressions went from confused to horrified. A number of hard grunts and gasps came from them as the news hit them that their beloved brother-in-law was the cause of so much pain and anguish. The literal end of the world could be laid at his feet because of the hatred he held for Atlantians, the very people in his family.

At some point in the story, Mike had sat hard in a chair behind him. He, Azurine and Sonora huddled together. Ian stood back giving the family time to come to terms with the news.

"What about Claire, Dad? What about my sister?" Azurine asked with a trembling voice.

Blake walked forward and put a hand to his daughter's shoulder. "We don't know, honey."

"And this disease," Mike asked, "it is spreading that fast?"

"Yes," Ian said, "we must get the cure, but you should all go to Atlantis for safekeeping."

"We need to get Sierra and her husband."

"Of course."

"There is something you should know," Mike said, his hand scrubbing at his face. "I just came from Devon and Claire's house. They are over there packing. Told me they were going on a business trip."

The Blake and Ian exchanged looks at Mike's words. Mike raised a hand. "I just ask that we don't hurt him, but hand him over to the proper authorities. Just in case, there is—I don't know—some kind of misunderstanding."

Ian's face set with determination. "There isn't."

Mike looked away shaking his head. There was no denying Blake's story and Ian's part in it. "I'm sorry. I didn't doubt you. It's just hard for me to imagine the man I know as the man that hurt you."

"Tortured me. Tortured and killed many, many others. And for that he will be punished, but we will allow it to be in your courts. If those courts still exist in the days that come."

Mike leaned against his wife. It was still too much to believe. "Thank you."

Azurine hugged her husband, then rose and looked out the window that faced her sister's house. "They are out there right now. I'm calling the police."

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