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It was an average Sunday morning, Poseidon was making breakfast for his wife and infant son, which was what he normally did. He loved his family more than anything.

Poseidon was named after a Greek god, something he didn't particularly like, but he was told it was because his parents wanted him to be a strong wizard, so they named him after a strong Greek god. He decided to name his son after a hero from Greek mythology stories, one that had a happy ending. Poseidon knew his life wasn't the greatest, and he didn't want Percy to live that kind of life.

That Sunday morning was no normal one. It was one Poseidon had hoped would never come. He never told his wife about his secret, he feared she would leave him or hate him. But that day seemed to be bringing her into everything he tried so desperately to hide.

His hands were shaking as he prepared the eggs and toast for his wife, and the baby bottle for his son.

The bottle fell to the floor, Poseidon couldn't help but think it was a bad omen. He picked the bottle up and set it back on the counter.

That was when all hell broke loose.

He heard a scream from the den, so he ran as fast as he could to his wife.

When he arrived, she was on the floor, and he knew he had lost her. He wanted to run to her body and beg her to wake up, but his son was still alive, and he couldn't waste a second.

The dark lord stood there, holding Percy, who was only a month old.

Poseidon didn't know why the dark lord took such an interest to his son, but he dared not question him. He normally would've killed him by now. Poseidon wanted to at least be thankful for something, even with his heart pounding faster than ever.

Poseidon didn't have a death wish. The dark lord had murdered his wife, Sally Jackson, and wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

"You betrayed me, Poseidon." The dark lord hissed. He held Percy like he was a toy, not showing any care, Poseidon had to force himself not to lunge at the dark lord to retrieve his son.

"I'm sorry sir, I just thought if I raised my son as a death eater, he wouldn't have a good life! That is why I can no longer follow you!" Poseidon tried to explain his actions, but the dark lord was having none of it.

"Are you saying that being a death eater is a bad thing?" The dark lord spat, looking straight into Poseidon's sea green eyes.

Poseidon gulped, knowing he was probably about to die. The dark lord showed no mercy to anyone.

"Please don't kill my son, I'll do anything!" Poseidon begged. He never thought he'd stoop so low as to beg, but he knew this would make the dark lord happy.

"Anything?" The dark lord sneered, "what use would I have with you?"

"I-I don't know sir, just please don't kill him!" Poseidon pleaded. Sweat dropped from his forehead and tears were in his eyes. He shook uncontrollably as he watched the dark lord set the child down.

Poseidon let out a small sigh of relief, but he knew he wasn't fully safe yet.

The dark lord walked away from the infant, and towered over the cowering Poseidon.

"If you'll do anything, then die." He hissed.

"Wait please-"

At that moment, everything seemed to have gone in slow motion, he stared at his son in sadness.

'I'm sorry I won't be able to save you, I'll see you in the afterlife, Percy.' He thought.

Then the green light came from the dark lords wand, and he heard the last thing he'd ever hear.


Poseidon's life ended in an instant, the last thing he saw was his son, who cried as any baby would when they were woken up.

______\\\line break\\\________

Voldemort took the child and apparated to the home of one of his death eaters.

"Anything you need, sir?" The woman asked.

"I need you to train this child to be as powerful as possible." Voldemort told her, showing her the child.

She frowned and led him inside, a few other death eaters that lived with her peered at the child in curiosity.

"I'll see what I can do." She sighed.

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