His Name's Dylan

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“What’s he like? Do I get to meet him? Are you going out with him?” the questions kept coming and coming. My mom was babbling in the front seat of the car as Laney told her I met some guy today. She was way too excited about all of this to be honest.

“Calm down mom, he’s just a guy. I doubt I’ll see him again, and even if I do I don’t think he’d remember me”

“But he said that he could never forget someone with eyes like yours” Laney said for about the 10th time today. Dammit I wish I never told her that part.

“Eyes like yours? What? Melody explain right now!” my mom squeaked pulling up the driveway.

“He may or may not have complimented me on my eyes” I smirked, thinking back to him.

His voice had been running through my head all day, it was utterly perfect. He had an accent that told me he wasn’t from around Baltimore, but it was still clearly American. The image of his eyes had also been stuck in my mind throughout the entire day. From the moment I opened my own and saw him in front of me, a bewildered look on his face I haven’t been able to stop picturing it.

“He totally likes you!” Laney squealed, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“And by the looks of it you like him too” my mom smirked. “What’s his name then?”

“His name’s Dylan” I smiled.

As if in chorus both my mom and Laney sang out; “Melody and Dylan sitting in a tree. K i s s i n g!”

I rolled my eyes and got out of the car, only for them to follow me in, skipping and singing along together. I laughed and sat down next to Sabrina who was playing with her action figures. Yes she has action figures and not Barbie dolls.

“Have you heard them? They’re so silly” I laughed picking up her Batman.

“Mommy, stop being so silly” she giggled.

“But Melody has a crush!” Laney half whispered in Sabrina’s ear, making her gasp.

“I don’t Bri, honestly” I said shaking my head at Laney.

“Melody likes a boy?” she gasped.

My mom nodded her head enthusiastically and ran off to her bedroom. She came back with her laptop in her hands and placed it down on the coffee table.

“I have to tell your dad about this!” she squealed, opening up Skype.

I looked at her wide eyed as she opened up a video call with him, he answered straight away and he had a smile on his face.

“Emma!” he grinned.

“Alex, our little Melody has a crush!” she exclaimed.

“I don’t dad!” I laughed moving the laptop so he could see me. “I just met a boy today, that’s all”

“Who is he? I will kick his ass if he even try’s to pull a move on you” he said sternly, but you could see the smile tugging at his lips.

“He’s called Dylan. I met him after my music class, he said I had a good singing voice” I smiled back.

“And he said that she’s beautiful! And he complimented her eyes!” Laney joined in.

“Oh hi Laney, didn’t realise you were here” he laughed in reply. “So Mel, do you like him?” he smirked.

I blushed a little, trying to think of an answer. I only just met him today, how was I supposed to know what I felt about him?