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(Sorry for not updating for two weeks. A personal situation had happened and I'm still trying to process the information. It's gonna be hard, but I'm gonna try my best to update from now on. But I DID say I'd update at the end of January.)

Alec PoV

I paced the hall back and forth and back and forth. I'm pretty sure Felix and Demetri's heads almost came off a couple of times. But oh well.

Our masters just watched as I paced back and forth. Aro's and Caius' faces hadn't changed in emotion, while Marco's showed concern.

"I don't understand!" I growled out, "how is she unwilling to give in!"

I began to pick up the pace.

"Maybe because she doesn't want you." Felix snickered from across the room.

I glared in his direction and opened the palm of my hands letting the black mist form slowly. The mist traveled out of my hands, spilling onto the floor and inching towards Felix.

"Enough." Aro called out.

I took a deep breathe and let the mist disappear back into my hands and turned to face my masters. I huffed in annoyance with my fists clenched.

Aro got up from his throne, but did not move.

"Enough," he repeated,"Alec, it will take time for your mate to agree with you. Have patience."

"There isn't enough time!" I yelled, "she has been corrupted by a bunch of mutts! There is little time!"

Before I could blink I felt Aro's cold hand wrap around my throat squeezing it lightly as a warning.

"Watch your tone boy." He growled out.

I'm pretty sure he felt me gulp, his eyes blazed with anger as he looked at me.

"Leave this hall before I kill you." He said letting go of me.

I nodded, and ran.

"This Is War!" I yelled as I ran to make a plan.

Bella PoV

Paul went back on patrol with the guys, but they are staying closer to the house in case of any other uninvited guests show up.

The Cullens are also patrolling the area, taking shifts with the pack every two hours.

I picked up my phone and text Heidi about my encounter with Alec and she was shocked and surprised. She didn't think Alec would to something 'so reckless' like that.

I asked her if she knew anything about this. She said if she did, she would've told me before this had happened. I believe.

Heidi said that she would get me more information as soon as possible. She would also let me know if a plan had changed or not.

I put my phone down and looked at the time, I noticed the it was 6:30. So I made myself some mac'n cheese for dinner and watched a movie before deciding to go to bed.

I got into my pyjamas and crawled into bed. The alarm clock read: 9:37pm. I felt the cool breeze flow through the window and into the room.

And then I fell into what was supposed to be a soundless sleep.


I opened my eyes and noticed that I was in a dark room. I tried to move my arms and legs, but I was only met with the cold couch something attached or bound on my arms and legs. I tried to scream for help, but my voice was muffled by something covering my mouth.

"My boy, you never told me that your mate was a fighter." A voice from somewhere in the dark room observed. I looked around frantically in the dark, searching for the owner of the voice. Mate?! I already have a mate! Paul! Then all of a sudden the lights turned on, well actually the candles ominously flicked on. Surrounding me in the room, were five cloaked figures standing there looking at me.

"Well, it took alot to get her here."One of the figures replied as he took off his hood. My eyes widened in realisation. He was the boy from the airport. But, now as I see him up close I notice that his eyes are a blood red colour.

Then it suddenly hit me. THEY'RE VAMPIRES!!

The other three cloaked figures stood there looking at me, I felt their piercing undead gaze. I felt as though that the three of them were the leaders or rulers of them. They moved closer to me, that they had made a circle around me. The other four figures took off their hoods. I first recognized the girl, she was also at the airport.


I woke up with a start. I was the same dream I had when I went on my honeymoon. But now all the dots have connected.

I had dreamt about being kidnapped by the Volturi. I recognised Alec right away. I still don't know who the leaders are, I probably should ask Carlisle when I get the chance.

Was Alec planning on kidnapping today?

Who are the leaders? Why are they letting Alec do this?

And who is that girl in the room?

Questions like that danced in my head all night, there was no way in hell I was planning on sleeping after that.

So I waited up for Paul to finish patrol. Which wasn't for another couple hours or so. But, I made the most of it.

I sat there, wrapped up in blankets; hoping that Alec doesn't get to me again. There was a time I wanted to be a vampire, but that is long long gone now.

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