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Author's Note:

I dedicate this chapter by two of my adorable and loving fans @agentyellowish and @justinlovescaren...

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Caren's POV

As I arrived home, I saw my dad in the couch snoring while the television was on. I silently closed the door then headed to his direction. I turn off the television then kissed dad on his forehead. I then moved swiftly and silently upstairs so that I wouldn't wake up dad then headed inside my room.

I put down my bag then went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I went to my closet and put my PJs on then I went to the study table to get my laptop. I turn on my laptop then logged in my Twitter account.

"@justinbieber I have so much fun in the concert!" I tweeted then logged out my account and headed to my bed.

"Haaaayyy.... I can't believe I bumped into Justin Bieber tonight!" I mumbled then giggled.

"hhhhhmmmm.." I said quietly then shut my eyes.


The sound of a large knock was banging by my door that woke me up. I sat on my bed while my hair is all frizzy and messy.

"Who the heck is that?!" I exclaimed angrily.

"JUSTIN BIEBER IS DOWNSTAIRS! You should prep up right now!" Dad replied angrily.

"Wait, WHO?!" I asked excitedly.

"JUSTIN BIEBER!" Dad exclaimed. "Get your lazy bum and prepped up then go downstairs!" Dad added.

"YES! I will!" I replied then giggled. I stand up and headed to the bathroom. I looked for my towel and seem that it was nowhere to found.

OMG! What is Justin Bieber doing here?

"Where is my freaking TOWEL?!" I muttered. As soon as I found my towel by the back door, I got myself in the shower then putted my striped shirt on and black pants on with my white converse. I put some light make up on then brushed my long curly hair. I got out of my room then trudged down the stairs.

I saw Justin Bieber wearing a black Baseball tee paired with black pants with his black supra. Damn! He's freaking hot!

"Hi Justin!" I greeted. Justin Bieber looked at me with curiosity, "Where's your baggage?" Justin asked.

"Baggage?" I mumbled. Justin Bieber shook his head, "It's February 13!" Justin exclaimed.  Wait! Is that today?! Fudge! Right, Justin Bieber's Believe concert was held on February 12.

"OH?! Is that today?" I asked. Justin Bieber shook his head again, "Yes, it's today!" Justin Bieber exclaimed.

"RIGHT! I'll just get my stuff." I muttered. Awkward! I don't even know that it was today!

I moved swiftly in my room then get some stuff that is good for 1 Week. Damn! My heart is beating so fast. I looked for my passport and my plane ticket. As soon as I found it I putted it inside my Louis Vuitton shoulder bag. I zipped my luggage bag then trudged downstairs.

Dad helped me carry it; I saw Justin Bieber stood up while texting then looked at me. As soon as I was in the Salas, he grabbed my luggage then headed outside.

I looked at my dad, "Bye Dad!" I said while smiling. He gave me poker face look, "Be Careful and don't be wild as you are, and don't forget my GIFTS. Okay?!" dad muttered then gave me a kiss on the forehead.

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