Chapter 27: Kat

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The next morning woke me up with a splitting headache and a loud bang.

The headache I knew was a gift from the tears I'd shed the night before until I'd literally cried myself to sleep curled up into a ball on top of the blanket on the bed. The loud bang, I would have whoever had just intruded into my room to thank for that one.

"Get your lazy ass up."

That would be Sergio. His greetings to me over the last month were notoriously disrespectful but I'd learned not to care. His words, however, were not the wounding factor in this situation.

It was his voice.

It was his voice and the fact that it was not Blake's instead.

I had hardly dealt with anyone aside from Blake for weeks now and today, the day after he'd kissed me, he's left me to Sergio.

No- he didn't kiss me. We kissed each other. We gave into the ghost in the room that had always been pushing us together. We were a weakness for one another and at some point during the last few weeks we both came to realize it. Last night, we decisively acknowledged it.

I cradled my head as I moved off of the bed and towards Sergio. The hammer pounding behind my forehead did well to distract me from thoughts of where I was going or why. Sergio grabbed my wrist halfway down the stairs and yanked me forward, muttering to me about picking up the pace. All I could focus on was how clammy his hand was and how it covered nearly my entire forearm.

He dragged me past Theresa in the kitchen as she was putting out the breakfast for the customers and other girls. I caught her eye for just a second and she used that second to send a supportive smile my way and I wondered how a woman so sweet ended up here.

Sergio pulled me past the kitchen and down a particular hallway. My stomach dropped as quickly as the air in my lungs vanished as soon as I realized where he was taking me.

Sergio rasped his knuckles against the door I'd been in front of on two other occasions. My feet were twitching with the instinct to run; to run as far away from here as I could until the voice behind the door caught and killed me.

"Come in." Just as dry and petrifying as the first time I heard that voice.

Before I could even think of protesting, Sergio opened the door and shoved me inside- literally- and then pulled the door closed behind me. Righting myself up and struggling to appear unphased, I jerked my head towards the large desk at the center of the room.

Heather's father, Ray, sat exactly where he did the last time I saw him. In fact, the last time I saw him was in this same office, with Sergio pushing me inside as he just did now, with both he and I positioned exactly the same as we were then.

It was the same scene as before aside from one pivotal difference.

The man standing just off center of the desk with his hands stationed behind his noticeably stiff back and refusing to turn his head in my direction.

The man that I'd lost all willpower to several hours ago, but not long enough that I couldn't still feel his lips pressed against mine.

"Ms. Sanders. So good of you to join us." Heather's father's words were friendly enough, but I knew better than believe it over the sinister spark in his stare.

"Blake here was just filling me in on the rather unfortunate incidents that occured the auction. It's a real shame, too. I had a really good feeling I'd be making quite a small fortune off of you and that mouth of yours."

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