17: Permission?

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It has been a week since Kara and Lena had lunch, they talked but hadn't seen each other, but it was officially sisters night. Kara and Alex had gone ring shopping and Alex was planning on proposing at sisters night.

Kara was at Cat Co. when she got a message, she looked down at her phone to see Lena's name and a message from her. Kara lit-up when she saw Lena's name and Winn could tell.

"Hey Kara, why so bright?" Winn asked walking over to Kara's desk.

"Oh, uh...just...uh...got a me-message" Kara stammered out embarrassed. She hadn't told Winn about her and Lena yet and she felt bad for it, but she's been so busy she just hasn't had time.

"Ooh, a message that makes you stammer. Who's it from?" Winn asked suspiciously.

"Umm heh, okay Winn I'm gonna tell you something and I promise I would have told you soon but I haven't had time so please don't freak out on me"

"Okay I won't I promise"

"Ivebeenseeingagirlthatireallylikeandiwasgoingtotellyoubutivejustbeensobusyimsosorry" Kara said superfast out of nerves.

"Okay Kara your going to have to say that again but slow down, I can't understand you when you talk so fast"

"Okay umm so I-I've been....seeing a girl, that I really like.........and I was going to tell you but I've just been so busy, I'm so sorry" Kara studdered out scared that Winn was going to be mad at her.

"Kara it's okay no need to be sorry. So who's this girl? What's her name? What's she like? How long have you to know each other?" Winn said just spouting out questions now.

"Umm well, she is really nice and sweet. She's smart and really cute and I can't believe she likes me because she's so perfect and I'm just well me."

"Kara Danvers you are amazing and anyone would be lucky to be with you"

"Okay well we've known each other for a couple years now and she is so amazing."

"Well, Kara it seems like you really like her what's her name? Who is she?" Winn asked trying to figure out who the mystery girl is.

"Umm well...her name is heh umm...." Kara studdered not sure of what Winn's reaction will be.

"Come on Kara you can tell me, who is she?"


"Lena!" Winn said raising his voice. "Ahem...Lena as in Lena Luthor?" Winn asked in a whisper

"Yeah," Kara said looking back down at her phone and typing a response.
~Call Transcript~

Lena: Hey Kar, is there anything you need me to bring tonight?

Kara: Lena Hey! I don't think so maybe some Wine or any kind of alcohol really.

Lena: Okay will do. I will see you tonight.

Kara: I'll see you tonight, bye!💜💜

Lena: Goodbye Kara❤

"Kara. Hey, earth to Kara. Kara!" Winn said starting to rais his voice. Kara had zoned out and was only focusing on her phone now.

"Huh-oh yeah...right. Yes me and Lena are seeing each other, in fact, she is coming over for sisters night tonight and Alex is bringing Maggie"

"Does she know about...well y'know you and your.....birth place?" Winn said trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.

"Yes, she does and she fully accepts me and we are 100% okay" Kara responded.

"Well okay, so sisters night huh? Already at that stage?"

"Yes we are, speaking of I have to go it's at my place and I still have to get everything ready."

"Kara, you do realize you have superspeed right?"

"Yeah, you do realize its 6 right?"

"Wait already?"

"Yeah huh"

"Okay well by then I'll see you tomorrow," Winn said walking away.

"Its Friday" Kara yelled after him

"Supergirl needs our help" Winn called back making sure not to spill Kara's secret.

"Right," Kara said to herself looking down at her computer and shutting it off.

Kara walked to the elevator and got on pushing the button to the lobby like she did every day just a lot earlier than usual. The elevator stopped and she got off walking outside, she walked about a block then ducked into an ally, changed into her Super uniform, and took off towards her apartment.

When she landed on her balcony she realized there was someone in her apartment but before she could storm in and stop whoever it was the person turned around saw Kara and put their hands up.

"Kara hey its just me!" The person yelled and Kara instantly recognized that it was Maggie, but why was she here so early and why did she look so worried.

"Mag's hey!" Kara said walking into her living room.

"Hey little Danvers, I thought you didn't get off work for another half an hour," Maggie said hugging Kara.

"I don't but I got off early to clean up and everything, why are you here so early? And how did you get in?"

"Well I wanted to talk to you and I picked the lock"

"Yeah, I should have guessed that," Kara said under her breath. "So what do you need to talk to me about?"

"Well, a couple things one, I brought some alien alcohol so you can get drunk with us tonight so y-know you don't feel left out or anything," Maggie said holding out a special bottle of alcohol to Kara.

"Oh wow, thanks," Kara said grabbing the bottle and sitting it on the countertop.

"Yeah umm and the second one oh how do i say this, soooo umm i was wondering if I could have your permission to.......marry Alex, and before you say anything I already talked to your mom and she gave me her permission but you and Alex are so close and you care so much about her and I didn't think it would be right to ask without your permission." Maggie rambled out nervously.

"Oh, my Rao Maggie!! Yes, you have my permission!!" Kara squealed out in excitement. "Oh my gosh, Maggie! I'm so happy for you guys!"

"Thanks, Kara, but I should get going I'll let you do whatever it is you need to do," Maggie said grabbing her stuff to leave.

"Okay well bye I will see you in an hour or so," Kara says walking to the door with Maggie and opening it for her.

"Bye, little Danvers" Maggie said walking off down the hall. When she got to the end and started down the stairs she pulled out her phone and dialed a number.

Maggie: oh thank god you answered little Luthor. I need help.


Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while but I promise to get the next one out a lot sooner maybe....hmm let's say Sunday for now.

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