"Like what you see." Declan chuckles. I look down at my shoes which are suddenly very interesting.

"I-I u-umm was-." I was stumbling on my words when I got cut off.

"Come in Ellie." Declan holds the door open for me.

I walk in and look around. I'm standing in his decent size living room that is a light grey. The Tv is mounted on the wall and there's one brown sofa against the back wall with a coffee table in front of it. There's also two matching brown recliners with an end table in between them. On the end table is a lamp and a picture of Wes with his arm slung around Declan's shoulder laughing. His apartment gives off a warm homey feeling.

Declan must of just got out of practice. From the looks of it he just got out of the shower. His lushes dark hair is wet with curls. I just want to run my hands through it.

I lift up my hand up "I brought popcorn and soda."

"You came prepared." Declan smiles. He reaches his hand out "let me take those."

I give him the popcorn and follow him into the kitchen. The kitchens right next to the living room. It has a small round table in the middle of it with chairs. Declan places the soda and popcorn on the counter.

"Its homey here, I like it." I say.

"I'm glad you like it."

"No ones home?" I ask nosily.

Declan's quiet for a second and I notice his smile disappeared. Then he says "I live alone."

"O-oh." Nervousness creeps in. I shouldn't have asked that question. I fold my now sweaty hands together and awkwardly look at the table. I hope he's not mad.

"Ellie I'm not mad at you." Declan states like he just read my mined.

"Okay." I say softly, still nervous.

Declan walks over to me and grabs my hand. He looks at me with soft eyes and says "I promise." I give him a small smile showing him I'm not upset.

I change the subject and ask "Did you just get out of practice?"


"Why don't you go pick a movie and I'll pop the popcorn." Declan suggests. I agree and and go to the living room.

I take a seat on the couch and grab the remote. Netflix is already on the Tv, so I just start scrolling through. I pick the movie 'Brain on Fire' and wait for Declan to come in.

Declan walks in with the popcorn in one hand and two sodas for us in the other. He places the soda and popcorn on the coffee table and leaves the room. He comes back with a big blanket and hands it to me.

Declan sits down next to me and asks "What did you pick lil' one?"

"Brain on fire."

"Well what are you waiting for let's watch it." I laugh and start the movie.

Declan turns off the lights and covers us up. He puts the popcorn in the middle of us and I cross cross my feet to get comfy. We're ten minutes into the movie eating popcorn when I feel Declan's heated gaze on me.

I look over at him "What?"

He reply's with a "nothing."

I go back to watching the movie and I can still feel Declan's gaze on me. I look over again and he has a devious smile on his face. I'm about to say some thing when he throws popcorn at me. I look down at the pieces of popcorn that hit my face and then look back at Declan confused. He smiles and throws more at me.

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