7: Precious

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Several months has passed ever since then. I am no longer named a sasaeng too. Today, I am launching my own fashion brand at Times Square Mall.

Thanks to that incident, the locals are already interested in me. My opening ceremony seems to be a success since many people came, including celebrities!

"Oh my god! Isn't that Song Joong Ki?!", Yerin whisper yelled, her tone sounds like a fangirl. "Oh my god. He looks so surreal!", I gasped softly, a huge smile plastered on my lips.

"Straighten yourself up, bitch. He's approaching us.", Yerin whispered and I nodded, standing straight.

"Good morning.", the handsome man smiled and Yerin and I couldn't help but stare at him in awe with our heart eyes.

"Good morning~"

I said, looking completely drawn into him.

Don't blame me! He has this affect on people.

"My wife wanted me to get something from your store. She went through your website last night and she was interested in this purse.", he handed over his phone, which I gladly took it.

"Oh, that! You are very lucky. There's only one left. Any minute later and it's going to be gone.", I said and the man sighed in relief.

"Phew. Good to know.", he chuckled.

"Let me show you the way.", I said, guiding him to where the purse was placed.

I also talked to a few more customers and heard so many congratulations and blessings throughout the day.

I made a lot of profit and I couldn't be any gladder! My efforts were worth it.

It's around 5pm now and there isn't much people left as the mall is gong to close at 5:30pm.

"Are we calling it a day?", Yerin walked up to me with a smile. "Mhm. I suppose. Thank you for helping out today.", I hugged her, smiling from ear to ear.


Yerin said, causing me to break the hug and immediately turn around to look at what's behind me.

There, I saw a familiar tall figure walking towards my direction with a bouquet of lilies in his hands.

My heart raced, watching him getting closer to me.

I haven't seen him ever since that day in the hospital.

I was busy. He was busy. I didn't contact him. He didn't contact me.

"Hey.", he flashed a smile and all I could do was stare at him with wide eyes.

"He-Hey", I said, causing him to let out a chuckle. God, his deep voice~

"Here. Congratulations.", he handed over the bouquet and I took it with a shy smile, my eyes on the floor.

"Thank you."

There was this awkward silence between us until Yerin decided to break it.

"Ahem. I am going to tell the girls to close down the store.", she smiled sheepishly, before leaving the two of us.

"So, aren't you going to show me around?", he wiggled his brows and I scoffed.

"You do know that it's going to close soon, right?", I said and he pouted. "But, I deserve a special treatment from the owner, don't I?"

"Hmm, what gives you the right to say that?", I hummed.

"We have a special relationship.", he said nonchalantly. I felt like as if my breath get caught in my throat, causing me to start coughing.

"God, you alright?", he asked in concern and I shook my hand, assuring him. "I'm alright."

Just like that, I showed him around the store and Taehyung purchased a few items, also praising my work. He loved it!

He was with me till I closed down the store. I expected him to leave once he bought stuffs but I didn't think he would be waiting for me at the entrance.

My eyes widened and so were Yerin's. She suddenly whispered into my ears.

"I bet he's gonna take you out for dinner."

I frowned. "Probably not."

Yerin just hummed with a knowing smile. She ran forward to where Taehyung was standing, shouting his name.


Her loud voice startled the man, who was looking his phone.

"Oh. Hey, Yerin.", he said.

"What are you doing here?", she asked and that was when I arrived next to her.

"Ah. Just wanted to ask Minhee something.", he said, looking a bit nervous. Once, he said that, Yerin turned around to look at me with a see-i-told-you face.

Of course, Taehyung didn't see it.

"What do you wanna ask?", I questioned.

"Uh...", he trailed off, looking at Yerin, who just sighed.

"Fine. Fine. I will leave you two lovebirds.", she said, walking away. I gasped dramatically.

"We're not!"

"Sure, sis.", she waved as she continued walking away, her back turned against me.

Again, there was this awkward silence between me and him again. Until he cleared his throat.

"So.", he said, earning my attention. "Do you like pasta?", he asked.

"I love them.", I smiled, looking up to meet his eyes, which he suddenly looked away.


"Great. Uh... I heard that there's this restaurant nearby, which is quite famous for its delicious pastas. Do you want to eat together?", he asked and my heart was beating extremely fast inside my chest. I didn't know I was taking so long to answer a question.

"It's okay if you don't want to. I was just—"

"I'll eat together with you!", I chimed and his shoulders dropped in relief.

Wait, what? Relief?

"Cool. Let's go then.", he said, his box-shaped smile visible. The one that I've always wanted to protect.

Oh, so precious.

• • •

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