"I'm not having this argument with you," Justin finally put an end to his brother's consistent whining, "I suggest you go practice your guitar or something-Oh I know, better yet, your homework. Is it finished?"

Shawn sighed and blew out of his cheeks, frowning.

"Good, go do something then- Shawn if you start whining about that damn party again." Justin was at his wits ends and was ready to bust Shawn's butt.

Outrageous. Shawn rolled his eyes in disgust and went out of Justin's music room, slamming the door in frustration. Justin nearly got up and went to go tear his ass up for that but he simply took a deep breath and began playing his guitar.

Shawn went into his room and collapsed into his bed. He buried his face into his pillow and started crying, frustrated with everything. 'This isn't fair. I should be able to go to parties if I want to! Justin did it when he was my age, why can't I? Big idiot!' Shawn thought angrily as the tears flooded out of his eyes.

After a few moments Shawn sighed and started to get over it slightly, he knew Justin wasn't gonna let him go so he tried to put his mind on something else. He picked up his guitar and began looking through his lyric book, practicing on a song he'd been working on.

"You say, you want all of me today, but tomorrow's not the same-- what do you want from me? What do you want oh--I need to kno-"Ping! Ping!

Shawn's phone went off suddenly with a text message from Brian. Shawn put his guitar to the side and picked up his phone, unlocking it.

6:02 PM
hey man, are u still going to Post's party tonight? there's going to be hella babes there and alcohol. 🍻

Shawn sighed and responded back, irritated.

6:04 PM

Nah I'm gonna stay here tonight and study

6:04 PM
ur bro on ur ass again? 😹

6:04 PM
No! I mean not really. 😒

6:05 PM
mhm sure mendes wtf is going on now ??

6:05 PM
he won't let me go bc there's going to be alcohol and he doesn't trust that I won't drink and drive even tho I told him I wouldn't

6:06 PM
lmao lame idk man why don't u just sneak out??

6:07 PM
Idek about u but I like my ass connected to my body thanks 😰😩

6:08 PM
hey u told me that he had to go do some rehersal shit tonight anyways, just sneak and go and come back before he does and u'll be str8.

Shawn actually contemplated Brian's suggestion. It's true that Justin was going to some rehearsal and tour meetings tonight due to his cancellation the other day. He probably could go and be back before his brother noticed anything. He smiled mischievously and texted Brian back.

I'll see u at the party Brian 🎉

That's my mate eh! 😈
Justin walked into Shawn's room and knocked on the wall, Shawn was laying in his bed covered in blankets as he had a small scowl on his face. Justin smiled softly and pressed a kiss onto his cheek.

"You still mad at me?" Justin asked softly as he stroked Shawn's cheek with his fingers. Shawn nodded and crossed his arms, laying in bed.

Justin smirked and kissed his head again. "You'll be okay, but I'm gonna have to go out for this meeting, I'll be back in a few hours so please behave. If you need anything, call me."

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