Driving Derbies

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"Shawn you're going too fast, slow down!" Justin had his foot hovering over the invisible break on the passenger side of the vehicle. Shawn had been begging Justin to take driving lessons for awhile now, but Justin was constantly on tour and could never squeeze it in. Now that he was more available with his time, he told Shawn he was going to take him out on the road to practice so he could get his license.

That is, if they survive Shawn's driving. Shawn wasn't terrible; just reckless. These past few weeks of Shawn driving, Justin wondered if they were both gonna end up going into the great after party in the sky. Shawn was improving, he just had a lot of improving to go before he was able to even get his license.

"There's a sTOP--Shawn!"
"Did you literally not see that stop sign? You flew right past it!"
"Oh sorry! It's okay though, no one was there."
"What if someone was there? You can't keep making reckless decisions, you could kill somebody, even yourself!" Justin lectured in frustration with his brother's actions. Shawn rolled his eyes at Justin's bickering and continued to drive down the street.

"I think you're overreacting, I haven't hit anything yet." Shawn retorted with a matter of fact in his voice. Justin nodded and looked over at Shawn.

"Hm, how about I hit your backside then?" Justin offered. Shawn blushed and shook his head in refusal, continuing to drive down the street.

"You shouldn't even want a "yet" to be in the possibility of you hitting anything or anyone. I'm nagging you because you can't just be "oh well," when it comes to driving. You could literally kill your self, it's not a game Shawn. Shawn-Shawn, are you even listening to me?" Justin asked in pure annoyance, studying his younger brother's mannerisms. Oops.

He was mimicking Justin's warning which made Justin want to pull the car over and give his brother's butt a good hiding. "If you want us to pull over and I drive home, keep it up." Justin warned. Shawn stopped mimicking him and nodded.

After about a month, Shawn had gotten better at driving. He and Justin went to the DMV so he could take his driving test and he aced it. Justin ruffled Shawn's hair as Shawn grinned from ear to ear knowing that he's now a driver.

"Now Shawn, you may be a driver now but you still have to be careful when you're on the road because you could seriously injure yourself or someone else if you aren't careful."

Shawn was barely listening to his brother's warnings because he was too excited about the places he could go now that he had his license.


"I'm assuming that's your favorite word, Justin?" Shawn asked, raising an eyebrow in fake curiosity as he was quite annoyed with his brother's constant need to tell him no.

"I'm assuming that you want a spanking, right Shawn?" Justin smirked at the face Shawn made. Shawn turned his head to the side and blushed a bright red. Justin smirked in triumph and started walking towards the music room to work on some chords, Shawn following closely behind.

"Come oooon," the nineteen-year-old inappropriately whined. "I'm not going far and you promised that I could go more places when I get my license." Shawn pointed out. Justin simply ignored him and started to write in his music journal. Shawn huffed and sat next to him, still begging.

"You can't ignore me, that's not fair." Shawn whined yet again but his pleas fell upon deaf ears as Justin wasn't going to budge to his brother's outlandish request. Sure it was a party, but this particular party was going to have drugs and alcohol.

Sure, Justin was a wild child and he did all sorts of things when he parties, but he also knew when to control his consumption to a certain degree. His brother however- wasn't quite there yet. It would be a cold day in hell before there was gonna be a possibility of Shawn drinking and driving and, Justin knowing about it and letting him do it.

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