Shawn's Sick

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Shawn was sitting up in his bed, coughing and constantly blowing his nose as Justin spoke with his mom on the phone.

"Yeah mom, I know. Yeah tons of fluids."

Shawn heard Justin arguing back and fourth with his mother about him. Shawn had gotten the flu and had been having high fevers too. He hadn't been eating much of anything which had gotten Justin quite worried since it's been going on for awhile now.

"Mom you act as though he's never been sick before, I can handle thi-no! You don't have to come over that won't be necess-mom." Justin continued going back and forth with Pattie.

Shawn leaned back against his pillow and groaned, holding his stomach in agony. He could be quite dramatic whenever he was sick but it didn't help him the fact his tummy did indeed hurt.

"No mother, you do not have to fly all the way out-mom, don't. Yes I got this, yes yes I'll keep you updated, okay bye." He hung up, sighing in relief as he made his way back to Shawn's bedroom. Shawn was currently laying down, with his eyes closed as if he were sleep.

Justin took pity on his baby brother and walked over, sitting beside him. He caressed Shawn's warm cheek, causing Shawn to open his eyes and look up at him.

"I don't feel good," he mumbled, leaning his face further into Justin's touch.

"I know, baby. Tell me, does anything hurt you?"

Shawn sat up slightly and motioned towards his head and stomach, whining slightly. Justin rubbed Shawn's stomach and ran his other hand through his head of hair.

"Want a heat pack for your stomach?" Justin offered. Shawn shook his head in refusal and groaned, laying back down. Justin sighed and rubbed Shawn's side, squeezing it gently. Shawn turned over and reached for Justin, wrapping his arms around him.

"Honey, you're sick." Justin reminded him gently as he tried to slightly scoot away. That just made Shawn upset as his eyes welled up with tears. He sniffled and Justin let out a sigh, pulling Shawn close and rubbing his back gently.

"Don't throw up on me," Justin ordered softly, gently rubbing Shawn's cheek with his index finger. Shawn nodded and shut his eyes, softly whimpering due to his stomach pains. Justin gently rubbed Shawn's belly, holding him close.

"Mmh, it hurts." Shawn mumbled, referring to his stomach again.

"Did you have a bowel movement recently?" Justin asked casually, causing Shawn to heat up with embarrassment quickly.

"Y-Yeah," he responded in a low voice, looking down at the floor. Justin rubbed his back. It was obvious he wasn't constipated so that couldn't be a factor in his stomach pain. It was possibly the acid build up from his sickness that was bothering him.

"You probably need to eat, baby." Justin pulled Shawn completely into his lap, rubbing his back and kissing the side of his face. Shawn shook his head no, he wasn't hungry and his stomach hurt too bad to even think of food.

"Hmm. What about soup?" Shawn whined and shook his head again, burying it into Justin's neck. He started coughing again, feeling weak. Shawn started complaining about being cold so Justin grabbed his blankets and wrapped him in them.

Shawn's head poked out of it which made Justin chuckle. "You're so cute," he murmured as he pinched Shawn's cheek. Shawn whined loudly and tried to pull away as Justin replaced his two fingers with a kiss instead.

"I'm gonna go make you some soup, yes you have to baby, it'll make you feel better." He explained as Shawn tried to interject with an opposing opinion. "Your belly probably hurts because it's empty and it's literally eating itself that's why it burns." Justin tried to explain in biological terms. It wasn't completely untrue but it wasn't fully accurate either.

Shawn simply nodded weakly and laid down on his side, trying to fall asleep. Justin kissed his forehead, "take a nap, kiddo." He smirked and tucked Shawn in. He heard soft snoring as he left out of the room.

Justin decided to make Shawn some chicken soup. He was gonna go with tomato but he wasn't sure how his brother would react to it. It was odd, Shawn liked tomato soup with grilled cheese but absolutely was against tomatoes. It was a mystery that'll probably never get solved.

As Justin was finishing up Shawn's soup, he heard a loud wretching sound from upstairs. He turned the stove off and quickly dashed towards the noise. Shawn wasn't in his bed anymore but was in the bathroom vomiting.

"Oh baby," Justin walked in and started rubbing Shawn's back as he puked his insides out. Shawn had tears streaming down his face as his vomited out mainly stomach acid and mucus. Justin went and got a wet rag and wiped Shawn's face with it, rubbing his back as he finished throwing up.

Justin helped Shawn over to the bathtub and turned on the water, getting it to a warm consistency. "Undress yourself, Shawn." Justin started putting bubble soap into the bath. Shawn blushed heavily and pulled off his pj pants and his shirt. He was uneasy when it came to his underwear.

"I've seen your ass several times Shawn. You're forgetting I used to bathe you and Aaliyah? Not to mention I still see it when I spank you. Drop the undies and lets go." Justin sighed, rubbing the bridge of his own nose.

Shawn nodded and slid them off, getting into the warm water and laying his head on the side of the bath where Justin's hand was. Justin used his other hand to shampoo Shawn's hair, massaging his scalp.

Shawn closed his eyes and smiled, liking the massage. Justin then rinsed the shampoo out of Shawn's hair and conditioned it. As the conditioner sat in his hair, Justin helped him clean the rest of his body. It was adorable to Justin how needy Shawn could be when he was sick.

"Feeling good?" Justin asked as he started to wash the conditioner out of Shawn's hair. Shawn yawned and nodded, ready to get out because the water was feeling rather cold. Justin got a big warm towel and wrapped Shawn in it, carefully helping him get into his bed.

Justin brought Shawn some clean pjs and helped him redress as Shawn's face was flushed the entire time. After getting dressed, Justin went and got Shawn's soup and sat beside him.

"I need you to eat honey, you'll feel better," Justin lifted up the spoon and pointed it towards Shawn's mouth. Shawn glared at Justin and backed up, "I can feed myself," he muttered.

Justin couldn't help but smirk, "okay kiddo," he replied, handing the bowl over to Shawn, making sure it wasn't too hot. Shawn lifted the spoon into his mouth and took a small bite, making sure the soup wouldn't mess with his stomach.

He then took another bite, and another until he was finally eating it. Slowly, but at least he was getting some sort of nutrition in him. Justin smiled and rubbed Shawn's arm. "That's a good boy," he said after Shawn finished his soup.

"Did you want more?" Justin offered, Shawn shook his head no and simply stared at Justin. Justin took notice of Shawn's staring.


"Will you um...." Shawn twiddled his thumbs.

""Will I what" Shawnie?" He asked, getting closer to Shawn, rubbing his arms.

"Will you cuddle with me?" He muttered the word "cuddle" quietly. Justin smirked and nodded, gently grabbing Shawn and pulling him into a spoon position. Though Shawn was quite tall, Justin had to lie at an angle to be able to hold him properly.

Justin's warm breath was on Shawn's hair as Shawn buried his face into his brother's neck, inhaling his scent. Justin rubbed up and down Shawn's spine softly, singing softly in the teenager's ear, chuckling as he sang.

Baby, baby, baby, oooh.
Baby, baby, baby noooo.

Shawn blushed and closed his eyes, falling asleep in Justin's arms. He loved moments like this and Justin, even though he's quite prideful to admit it, loved them too.

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