Chapter two- A morning encounter

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Awoken by the sound of footsteps by her bedroom, Katherine jumped up and swung open her door, assuming it was her maid.

"Agath- AaAh!" She yelled as the door revealed a (fully dressed) George. "For-forgive me" stuttered George "I thought this was Jacks room"

"Oh, Sorry!" she said as she slammed the door shut, ashamed that he had seen her in her nightwear. She moaned and slid down on the closed door, head in her hands. She had no idea how to deal with this.

Some minutes later there was a soft knocking at her door and Charlotte called out to her. Katherine moved so that Charlotte could enter.

"Kath, what happened? When George came down he was most embarrassed!"

Katherine explained, and after she did so, threw herself down on her bed.

"Kath, it isn't so bad- you were only in your nightgown!"

Katherine mumbled into her pillow, and turned up so she was facing Charlotte.

"I just have no idea what to do! I feel so helpless, and- mushy?"

"Ah, you are in love! You just need to practice-"

"Practice what?! Oh Charlotte, what will I do? will you help me?"

"Yes! Ohhh, how WONDERFUL! This is going to be so fun!"

"I'm regretting asking you already!"

"No, no! Don't! Now I am going to pick out your dress and tell Agatha what to do with your hair, and wash you face..."

"Fine, but nothing too... You know"

"What? Girly? Kath, embrace the fact that you are a woman and become a proper one!"

"Ok, ok, but if this is too humiliating I am calling it off!"

"It won't be humiliating at all"


Katherine didn't recognise herself as she stared at her reflection. Her dress was stylish and... puffy. She felt new, like she was rusty before, and shiny clean now.

"Wow" Was all she managed to stutter out. Her hair fell in soft chocolate brown curls and reached her shoulder blades. Even her green eyes looked brighter and bigger, like a cat's.

Charlotte clapped her hands in glee and giggled. "Beaauuutiful! But we have alot of work to do now"

"Why?" enquired Kath "I'm wearing a dress and my hair is nice, what else is there?"

"Kath, Kath, Kath" Tutted her sister "We have even more work to do then I expected"


I realise I said that this chapter was going to be long but instead it's even shorter than the other ones:)  I promise the next one will actually be longer:D

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