The Tablet

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"So, any ideas where Evil Evie took Zu," Alex asked. "Evil Evie, I like that but I have no idea," Chubs answered. "Maybe he took her to Clancy's office, wherever that is?" Liam chimed in. "I know where it is, this way," Alex said, taking a right and heading of down the corridor she hoped would lead to Clancy's office. 

On down the corridor they came to the end of it, but at the end of it wasn't a wall there was a door, Clancy's office maybe. "What do you think's in there?" Liam asked. "Only one way too find out," Alex said as she reached for the door handle. "Are you crazy? What if someone's in there?" Liam asked as he grabbed her hand. Alex didn't reply she just made a fire ball appear in her hand (not something she did often but still something she know to do) causing Liam to a take a step back. With the fire ball still in her hand-with her free hand-she reached for the door handle and twisted it and surprisingly it wasn't locked. Alex swung open the door and took a step inside, making sure that her fire ball hand was slightly in front of her, Liam and Chubs following close behind, but when they walked in no one was there. "Wait, no ones here. Their meant to be HERE," Chubs said kicking over a trash can. "Calm yersel Chubs, we'll find her," Liam said picking up the trash can. "Where do you think he took her?" Liam asked. "Maybe in another one of the holding cells," Alex suggested. "But where would they be?" Chubs asked. "Why don't we check the records," Liam said as he held up what was properly Clancy's tablet. "Nice find friendo," Chubs said as he took the tablet of off Liam and attempting to unlock it and somehow got it right on the first time. "How did you get that first time?" Alex asked. "Well, I went out on a limb and tried your name and it worked," Chubs explained.  "So not creepy," Liam said looking over Chubs shoulder.  "So, what do I search?" Chubs asked. "Try Suzume," Alex suggested. "Okay dokie, um holding cell No.17," Chubs said. 

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