Chapter 25

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Me: So umm... *nervously steps out from behind the wall and waves* I know it's been awhile and all but-

Literally everyone: "You've been gone for 3 months. Where. Have. You. Been?" \(〇_o)/

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{Gabriel's POV}

"You've failed."

I subconsciously flinched at her cold tone as she stood up stiffly with a sigh. "How hard is it to kill a robot, is that too much to ask? Just cut her head off or stab her heart, or I don't fucking know what about poisoning the bitch!" She suddenly roared and flipped the desk. I flinch again.

Looks like she has to buy a new desk...again...

Seth fearful eyes met with mine as she took her time walking up to us, due to her being a goddess, she towered over us by a good amount of inches.

"Who wants to explain what happened before I kill the both of you for being so useless?" Her voice was sickly sweet and beads of sweat rolled down my neck.

"U-uh well, you see- everything was going well and-"

"The guy, T-terrance! He found out our secret and attacked us first! He caused this." Seth blurted out.  She looked in his direction with amusement.

"Your telling me that a wolf, a wolf who can not shift beat you!?" High pitched laughter filled the room as tears began to fall from her eyes. She shakily wiped them away with a finger before holding her stomach and laughing some more. We both hung our heads in embarrassment.

"Come on." She sighed. "Give me a more believable story boys."

"It's the truth."

Her mouth snapped shut, eyes narrowing and she stared at the both of us. Seeing that we didn't speak she groaned and turned around, we looked were her gaze was on as well.

Leo, the Legendary God of all standing with his hands behind his back and small smirk. He nodded his head, repeating his words.

"They're telling the truth."

"Bullshit, Terrance is just another one of your pawns for you to throw away later! How the hell would he be able to beat an Angel!? It's impossible!"

"What your saying would be true...if he actually wasn't a pawn."

A sharp hiss of anger escaped her lips.

" no no NO!" Reaching out she grabbed his shirt and leaned forward.

"What. did. you. do? Tell me!"

He only smiled. "Each piece has a part to play. Pawns can turn into queens or kings in my game you know?"

She rolled her eyes. "Funny chess reference. It would make sense if there wasn't already a king on the board." She paused. "Which is you...right?" I could tell that fear was starting to get to her by the way she balled up her shaking hand with each second of passing silence.

"Who said that the king was playing?" He chuckled. "The king has yet to make his true apperance and show his strength...which can't be done without a queen of course. Kinda like Adam and Eve. A perfect duo."

Seth and I glanced at one other, not understanding what he meant while the Moon goddess slowly let go of him.

"You understand now, don't you?" He taunted. She didn't respond but only brought her hands to her chest. Her hard pants was the only noise that filled the room.

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