31: Sh*t

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Mitch's parents arrived for the weekend we were meant to find out the gender of the baby. They loved the tour Wesley gave of the house and it wasn't long before we were all hanging out and getting ready for tomorrow. Mitch's dad and I made lunch while everyone else finished decorating the house and backyard in pinks and blues.
"So, Mitch mentioned your father showed up to your door?" Andrew asked curiously, bringing a bottle of beer to his lips.
I let out a sigh, nodding. "Yeah, he showed up and asked me to forgive him."
"Did you?"
I shook my head, "there's nothing for me to forgive him for. He left when I was ten and that's all there is to it,"
"You aren't mad at him for leaving?"
"No, not anymore. I'm sick of wasting my life on someone who spent so long not caring about me. I know he's only back for money. Once a druggie, always a druggie."

Mitch PoV
I frowned when I heard Scott and my dad talk about Scott's father; my boyfriend eventually sitting on a nearby chair and taking his head into his hands. Dad sat with him and they spent a few minutes talking before Scott turned into dad's side and they shared a hug.
"I know you want to protect Scott," mom started, causing me to glance over her way. "But you know how much it's hurting him to still hate his father. That's only going to get worse," she continued. "Scott won't ever forgive himself if something happened and he never got to rebuild a relationship with his father. I know you want to protect him," she looked my way and shook her head. "But Scott is hurting himself over this, Mitch. At what point will it push him over the edge?"


Scott was quick to come to Wesley's side when the toddler asked for his chicken to be cut into smaller pieces.
Scott sat on the bench and lifted Wesley onto his lap before starting to cut the pieces and feed it to him. Wesley was so excited to be sitting with Scott, that he was beaming the entire time and finished his entire plate rather quickly. He sat and leaned back against Scott's chest and was more than content with just sitting on his lap while we all talked; Scott's arm gently around his waist and giving Wes the attention he wanted.
"Wessy," Scott started, "do you want some hot dogs or steak?"
"No thanks," Wesley shook his head. "Not hungry anymore,"
"Alright, well I'm going to set you next to me so I can finish eating. Okay?"
Wesley shook his head, "no!" He held into Scott's arm. "No set down,"
"Buddy," Scott sighed but decided to not fight it and continued to eat his lunch.
Mom raised an eyebrow, "Is Wesley getting jealous of the baby already?"
"We think so," I replied. "He gets upset whenever Scott does anything related to the baby or without him. We went to the mall and got some diapers and clothes for the baby, and Wesley had a tantrum until Scott promised not to touch the diapers anymore and carried him the rest of the way,"
"I mean, to be fair, you were the same way with your cousins," dad replied, chuckling lightly. "Your mother and I weren't allowed to talk to any of your cousins until you turned five and stopped caring,"
Scott smiled, "That sounds very Mitch-like,"
I rolled my eyes but before I could respond, the doorbell rang and echoed outside. "I'll get it," I told them, but was dismissed by Scott who handed me Wes as he stood.
"No worries, love. I'll get it." I nodded and returned to my parents until Scott came back, almost five minutes later, with a wrapped gift in hand and a confused expression on his face. "Mitch? Do you know how or why my father knows about the gender reveal party we're having this weekend?"


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