Chapter 44

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I clean him up and we walk out into the living room- his hand in mine.

"Sky please just let me explain" Nash begs

"No Nash. I forgave you for sleeping with my best friend and then you go and do this to me"

"I'm sorry"

"You should be" I say before leading Matt to the kitchen. I stop before the door and turn back to the boys. "How long?"

"Sky-" Jack says

"How long has this bet been going on for?" I finish. No one responds. "How long?" I repeat, raising my voice.

"It was 2 months ago. Cam and I had an arguement about who could get more girls- a 16 year old or a 19 year old" Nash explains.

"So why is Jack a part of this?"

"Well Cam had a girlfriend at the time and Jack is the next oldest boy in the group- other than Taylor so we called him."

"Why me?"

"We thought that we both had an equal chance with you. Plus we both really care about you so we wouldn't even mind if we hooked up with you"

"You wouldn't even mind?" I mock "Wow I'm flattered"

"I didn't mean it like that"

"So Jack you made all of that up about liking me because you wanted to hook up with me"

"I didn't make it up" He explains.

"I don't care. You hurt me. You both did. You all did. All of you but Matt" I smile at Matt.

"Just tell her Matt" Aaron speaks up.

"Shut up" Matt says quickly


"Matt's not perfect"

"Aaron I swear if you tell her-"

"Tell me Aaron"

"When you guys were dating before, you know you met that girl- what was her name Matt?"

"I don't know what you're talking about"

"Oh that's right- Zoe. The girl I was hanging out with." I remember how rude Zoe was and how shocked I was when I found out that Aaron liked her. "And what did you do Matt?"

"Aaron" Matt warns.

"You slept with her"

"When we were dating?"

"It was ages ago. We weren't even official"

"I can't believe this" I say pushing the door open and walking into the kitchen. I sit down at the table with my head in my hands.

How could I be such an idiot? Why did I think that Matt would actually change? And for me? He's got millions of girls who are interested in him and would do anything just for a follow from him, for all of them.

After everything I've been through- I moved to California and had one friend. Then I met the boys and lost Amy, now I've lost the boys too. It's for the best- they shouldn't have to put up with my rubbish. I lose it at the slightest thing- any other girl would be flattered that Nash and Jack are interested in them but not me.

I just wanted to have friends for once and now its all gone. I've lost two of my best friends, I've lost my 6 other friends (I'll admit I'm not as close with them but they still mean a lot to me), I've lost my boyfriend and I've lost the best friend I've ever had. Taylor. Maybe if I just talk to him then... no he'd rather be with Mia than me.

Theres a knock on the door.

"I don't want to talk to you Matt"

"It's not Matt" I hear a female voice say. Of course I forgot Capricorn was still here. The door opens and I see a tall blonde girl who looks kind of like me but obviously more beautiful. "Hi, I'm Mia" Oh great, now Taylor's new British girlfriend is here. "Taylor called me, I hope you don't mind but he told me what's going on. I thought you could use a girl friend to talk to" Dammit, why does she have to be so nice.

"Thanks, I guess but I don't really feel like talking"

"I get it. If you don't want to talk then maybe a bit of ice cream therapy would help?"

"I don't eat ice cream"

"Oh are you lactose intolerant or something?"

"No it's just, I'm trying to lose weight" I admit

"Why? You're so skinny!"

"Obviously not skinny enough if my boyfriend cheats on me" I say under my breath

"I know that I don't know you very well at all but honestly, I think you can do so much better"

"There is no one better"

"I know you'll find someone who loves you as much as Tay loves me, someday."

"Yeah, hopefully" I say poliety even though its eating me up inside that he picked her over me.

"Do you really want them to leave? Nash and Jack I mean"

"They're supposed to be my best friends. I want them all gone. I want to be able to move on"

"What about Taylor?"

"I don't know, I can't just avoid him. I moved here just to be closer to him and now I'm supposed to hate him."

"You moved here to be closer to him?"

"Well yeah, he's my best friend"

"Oh I get it"

"Yeah" I say awkwardly.

"You seem really nice. How old are you?" She asks, sitting down opposite me.

"16 you?"

"19. When's your birthday?"

"2 days ago"

"Oh wow! Happy Birthday! Mine's 4th of July"

"Oh independance day!"

"Is it? I only moved a few years ago. I'm from England"

"Yeah I can tell"

"Where are you from?" She asks. Isn't it obvious? English accent? duh.


"Really? You don't sound British at all"

"Yeah I do"

"No you don't- you sound American" She says. I hadn't even realised that my voice had changed. It must be because I spend all my time with people from America so I guess I would pick it up sooner or later. "But you don't sound like Taylor, you sound like Cameron."

"That might be because I used to live in California?"

"He lives in California?" Wow she is clueless. "I only know him through Taylor"

"You've met him before?"

"Yeah, I've met them all" She says. Why would Taylor introduce his girlfriend to the boys and not me? I shrug it off and look at my phone. 11pm.

"It's getting late, I'm going to go to sleep. Night" I say getting up.

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