I stayed in bed for the rest of the day. After what happened between Harry, Clyde and I- I had never felt so embarrassed. It happened all of the time. Random guys yelling hurtful sarcasm but coming from my own foster brother?

"Stupid," I whispered to myself, swinging the back of my head into the wall behind me. "Stupid," I knocked the wall with my head once more. "Stupid."

I nervously scratched my forearm as my mind was full of distressing thoughts. Like what Harry and Clyde were going to think when I just ran away, what Mrs Valentine was going to say to them when she saw them. I was worried about Devon, she was going to take the bus back home by herself. Today was just a mess.

I rolled the sleeves of my grey jumper down and went downstairs to the kitchen to get an apple. I opened the fridge door and my face was still as I saw that the bottom tray was completely empty. I didn't move, I just morosely stared at the empty tray with raised eyebrows for about five minutes.

"I hate him." I spoke to myself and flared my nostrils.

I closed the door and rolled my eyes as I went to the cuboards, noticing that all we had was spaghetti, some other canned food and a jar of diced garlic. I'm just going to starve for the next three hours until my mam and dad comes home to cook.

I went back upstairs to my room, walking over to my fish and lightly tapping the glass but not too hard, I didn't want to scare them. "I love you."

I leaped into bed, getting under the covers and closing my eyes. I just wanted this day to be over with.

The front door opened from downstairs and I knew it was Harry when I heard a short sigh and a mutter of 'Jesus Christ'.

I pressed my face into my pillow as he hurried upstairs, and once his footsteps were heard strolling outside of my room, I stopped breathing.

"Harley? Are you under those covers?" His voice was annoyed and stern.

I panicked, wondering if I could go unnoticed if I just kept still. No, that was a bad idea. I gently pulled the covers from my face and slowly nodded as I gazed at him. His tie wasn't around his neck anymore, it was wrapped around his left hand.

"Mrs Valentine gave Clyde and I a fucking mouthful." He spat, as if asking for sympathy. Or even worse... an apology.

"I didn't say anything to her-"

"Sure, you didn't," he shook his head to himself in disbelief. "I just want to say... I shouldn't have done what I did."

I stayed silent as I awaited his apology but he said no more. I slowly nodded, frowning in the process as we were in a very awkward silence.

After a long pause he finally tilted his head to the floor and let out a raspy sigh, his thumb and index finger tracing the line of his bottom lip. "Uh."

He came over to my bed and awkwardly sat on the edge, obviously showing how much he didn't want to be here. "I'm... I'm... Sorry."

I widened my eyes, checking his facial features for any dishonour or regret. There was none.

I hesitantly opened my mouth. "I accept your apology."

"So, we're okay now?" He murmured just above a whisper.

I furrowed my eyebrows at his question. "I didn't even think we were okay to start with."


"We've been living together for a week and you have hardly spoken to me." I said, but then I felt my stomach sicken with fright as I awaited his reaction.

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