Chapter 24: Jacky (2)

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They walked over to Cody's

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They walked over to Cody's. Jacky had been as vague as he could be, first texting Cody about his afternoon with Nina and Haylee, an exercise in feigned interest that felt more like torture. He did care about Cody and his dilemma, but at the moment all he wanted was for Ryan to kiss him again. Only Ryan didn't want to kiss him. Ryan wanted drugs.

Jacky didn't like using his best friend this way.

So he joked along about how Haylee could be the provider in the relationship by shooting squirrels, and then he found that he couldn't come out and say, "Hey, can you get me some pot? Tonight?"

Instead he texted, Hey, you wanna hang out tonight?

on a school nite???? Cody texted back, including an emoji of a shocked face.

i had therapy with my mom after school... i could use something to take the edge off

ya man sure. just go straight out to the trailer, stepdad's in a mood

Cody added, you left ur xbox controller here last time

Jacky didn't mention that Ryan would be coming along. He knew he should, but he figured he could play it off. "Of course Ryan's gonna hang out with us, he's living at my house."

He still felt shitty about it.

"Okay, let's go," he told Ryan, tucking his phone in his back pocket and grabbing his puffy jacket.

"Where?" Ryan asked.

"To Cody's house?"

Ryan looked down at his knees. "Can't you get it and bring it back here?"

"So my mom can catch us smoking? No. Come on, Cody's cool. We're gonna play some video games and smoke and then we'll come back here. Okay?"

Nothing about Ryan's body language said that he wanted to move off Jacky's bed.

Jacky felt his frustration level rise. He reached out and tugged at Ryan's arm. "Okay?"

"I want to not feel anything for a while," Ryan said, before he started to cry again.


Of course Mrs. Jennings wasn't keen on them going out on a school night. "Come on, Mom. It's Cody's house. It's like two streets over. And it's only six-thirty. I'll be back by nine-thirty. I swear."

"Honey," Mrs. Jennings beckoned for him to come over to where she was sitting on the couch, then she whispered, "Does Ryan really want to hang out with your friends?"

"He said he was fine with it," Jacky said. He didn't tell his mom that Ryan was the one who asked, for obvious reasons. "If he looks tired or he seems upset, we'll come back. No problem." More loudly, he said, "We're gonna play some mindless video games. Do something normal."

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