Chapter-16 (e)

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chapter-16: Move (Part-a)

Remus's P.o.v:

At present, I'm in Albus office for asking permission to take the cub to manor while Severus did the same today morning after last class so that we can go according to plan.

"Albus I want to take Selene to home and I need your permission as her headmaster but according to rules only Snape's permission is needed but I told you I will inform you everything so?" I asked him and I can see triumph in his eyes. Stupid bastard.

"Sure Remus no problem you can take her for the weekend but I'm not trying to be nosey but can I ask you why?" 

"Cub came back to Padfoot only in summer, he missed her all childhood life so he wants to spend some time that's it and also I think he wants her to meet her whole family occasionally." 

"Take her Remus but bring her in by Sunday night's feast." 

"Thank you, Albus," I said and left from his office and started moving towards Slytherin common room and when I entered inside cub was sitting in a single chair in front of the fireplace while her friends were spread around her only Draco was missing.

"Hello, there cub."

"Uncle Moony." She shouted jumping on me in excitement.

"You saw me in morning cub why so much excitement?" I questioned smilingly.

"Because I'm going to see Papa also for our plan to get executed." She said with a bright smile on her face.

"Sure cub, go pack your night pack that you want to take with you," I said and she ran away to do her packing.

When she came down she had a small backpack with her and she was bouncing on her toes in happiness and I felt content seeing her that way and she reminds me of prongs and I hope someday I will see him again as I miss him, everyone misses him. We walked to the front of Hogwarts gate to the apparition point and apparated us to Black Manor in France and she started running inside and she dashed into Draco and he fell down but still, she didn't stop to say sorry and he was sulking sitting down there and I started laughing.

Sirius's P.o.v:

I was talking with dad and father when I heard a pop and I turned untimely to stop the force that collided with me meanwhile Draco was still sitting down and Remus was laughing fully and I chuckled.

"Hello to you too pup." 

"Hello Papa, I missed you." She said.

"I missed you to pup, now what was that all running in manor what if you fell down?" I asked her and she smiled sheepishly and I shook my head just then she turned around and saw Draco and started laughing.

"Dragon what are you doing down there? What will happen to Malfoy name because Malfoy's don't sit on the floor." She asked keeping a straight face which was very difficult seeing Draco's face.

"You Selene I'm not going to leave you, you pushed me down." He said chasing her around us and we all started laughing seeing their fight and I felt content to see my daughter happy and now only James is missing, once he comes back our family will be completed.

"Okay, that's enough both of you go, get fresh then we will have dinner and then you people will go to bed because tomorrow Rita will be here," Cissa said.

"Yes, Aunt Cissa / Mother." They said in unison and left from there.

"Now Grandfather what should we do about creatures?" I asked him.

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