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Grayson's POV

She's grown to like him more than he used to . I'm glad slowly great progress between their relationship is being made . They have come closer which I'm excited about.

Ethan's POV

"Hey babe ." I kissed her cheek .

"Hey Ethan ." She smiled .

"Are you excited for your show today , cause I am for sure ." I wrapped my arms around her .

"They cancelled the event." She frowned.

"You're kidding me right ." I threw my hands up .

"Nope . Ok I have to go . I'm going over to Chris' house to spend time with Royalty." She Kissed my cheek and walked out the door leaving me alone in the house again.

Mary's POV

I was trying to hold back these tears that are daring to fall . It's been a year . He's been . one a year.

"FUCK!" I shouted out of pure pain.


"August why'd you leave me baby ." I was trying so hard .

"Let me see you at least for a couple seconds."I felt terrible .

I felt this weight on my shoulders. I looked over them and saw him carrying our baby boy .

"Hey baby ." I said as I got choked up .

"Hey babygirl. Somebody said you wanted to see me . Is that true ?" He smiled .

"I miss you August ." I looked at him with glossy eyes .

"I miss you babygirl. I wish I could come back to you , but it was my time ." I understood.

His hand caressed my face . I felt immediate comfort. I was at ease . It was his gentle touch that made me feel safe .

"How's our little boy doing?" I smiled .

"He's so precious. When you come up here you're going to fall in love with him . My little man looks exactly like me . Except for his eyes . Every time I look at his eyes I'm reminded of you ." He chuckled .

"Forever my lady." He sang softly. Tears were just streaming down my face at this point .

"I love you ." I said to them with no lie in any of those words .

"I love you . I'll see you later." And with that he disappeared into thin air .

Everything about him was my favorite. He was an incredible man . He loved me like no other man did. Ethan can't even compete . August will always have my entire heart. He owns it till' this day . Him being gone doesn't change the love I have and had for him . I just hope and pray everyday I see him on the other side where we will once again reunite. Everything about him brought joy to me. His songs and the rest of the memories he left me still hit me right in my heart . I feel every emotion he put into giving me a good life . I can sense his presence every where I go.

He's got my back .

Mary's house

After a long day of being with Chris and Royalty I'm finally home .

I need to record a new song . This time I'm going to record it In August's old studio place.
It holds many old memories. The first day I moved in with him it was already integrated.
We had to make a separate one for me upstairs so we could feel at home in our own spaces .

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