28. Coronation

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The next session with the seamstress was over just as quick since there was no need for any changes, although Athena did hear a earful when she showed up proudly with bruises and cuts all over her. After that, Ryder spent the next two days tutoring her on what she should do during the coronation, what to say and how to behave.

She spent the remainder of her time in the wide expanse of the Library, either looking for books that would help quench her curiosity or placing the stacked books back into their shelves, or talking to Dreynor, who always seemed to be around.

"Do you not have a kingdom to rule, Dreynor?" Athena asked when she saw him sneaking into the library. It was late and the night before the Coronation but her nerves and the feeling of something terrible about to happen blooming in her stomach did not allow her to fall asleep.

Jumping, he looked toward Athena with a sheepish smile. "Dragons sleep a lot Athena. We are aware of what happens around us from the whispers of the trees and the chirps of birds. Ever since the War, we haven't participated much in the on goings of the land. We never found it necessary to do so. Until now."

Athena hummed a reply as she continued to look for a place to put the book with silver embossed onto it in pretty little designs.

"Why were you sneaking in here?"

"Dragons love to keep watch over something. Some of us like to guard our gold, some our jewels. A very few of us, me included, believe that the only the worth hoarding and keeping guard over is knowledge. Hence, this place is my weakness, I must admit. What brings you here so late at night, pup?"

Placing the book in the fourth shelf of the Elven category, she sighed and tried to put her feelings into words.

"I received word that my family will be arriving sometime tomorrow, but I don't have a very good feeling about it. I don't know why either but it is driving me up the wall. Ryder, who pretty much lives in my room now to "make sure I am alright", suggested that I take a walk or come here to clear my head."

'Do you want me to place a few extra sentries around here? And maybe one to escort your family?'

Athena smiled and shook her head. "That's awfully kind of you. I would agree to having a few more around here, yes but Ryder has already sent a couple of wolves to escort my family."

"Consider it done then. There will be ten dragons joining the celebrations. Now, I shall walk around in here and bask in the smell of these age old scrolls and dying books." Winking, he walked away with a sense of purpose to the other side of the Library.

I should probably head back and try to get some sleep. She decided, putting back the last book in its shelf and proceeding to leave when she heard a small thud behind her. Whirling around, she saw Dreynor in his dragon form, curling up on the huge table in the center.

Ryder is going to be so annoyed. She thought, a small laugh escaping her as she left to her room.

'Sleep well, pup.'

'You too, Dreynor.'

Entering her room, she saw the familiar shape of Ryder's paws floating in the air as he snored a little bit in his sleep on her bed. Climbing on to the bed, she gently pushed him aside to make place for herself and pulled the covers over her, hoping sleep would embrace her soon.


Maids, servants, Ryder and all the wolves were running about when Athena woke up the next morning.

"Wake up, Athena. You need to get dressed. You are late!" Ryder shouted, shaking her awake and splashing water on her face.

"Ryder! No water!" Athena gasped as she woke up with a start.

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