Cooking/Baking with them

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-not that bad!

-you guys made a red velvet cake together and you're quite the chef

-he did such an amazing job, but he acted like he was Bobby god damn Flay 😂

-he put his hair up a lil and did everything that was asked of him

-that cake was DELECTABLE

-y'all made ramen! (Big ass surprise)

-he was so talented and knew exactly what to were kinda lost

-he helped you out and it came it really good

-best dinner you ever made hands down

-oh honey..did you really think-

-there was food on the ceiling, the CEILING

-it was a whole mess, you couldn't even remember what you were trying to make

-you just ordered pizza and ate that

-hahahahahhah no

-Wyatt never let you touch the oven

-HE was in charge, it was HIS meal, HE was the one cooking

-the food came out bomb though so you can't really complain

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