Chapter 2

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My eyes opened blearily and I lazily turned my face to bury it into the pillow safely away from the weak winter light coming in through the window that felt like it was stabbing straight into my eyes. I yawned widely as I twisted around in the blanket to get it to fit more snugly around myself, peaking open an eye to glance at the clock across my bed. Letting out a groan as I realized I had woken with only minutes left to nine.

Before I had left for vacation I had secured a job working at the local library as a librarian. Throughout my degree I had enjoyed the literature classes more but simply done accounting because it was expected of me as the omega of highest status in the pack to acquire a skill useful to the pack. I was allowed to choose not to but I knew my mom hoped I would take on an important role in the pack, she'd been ecstatic when she realized I was good at math, and very bad at hiding that happiness when she realized I liked literature more. She'd tried to convince me I could do as I pleased but I was completely fine with going into accounting, I liked reading and studying literature but wasn't interested in writing or editing so I might as well have.

Since I was still so young as were the current pack accountants, none showing any signs of retiring, I was free to work wherever I pleased. In a decade or so I'd have to start training with them but until then I planned to try every job I had even the slightest interest in and I had always loved libraries, even the human ones.

We were told from a very young age that the humans despite looking like us were considerably different and it was for the best to remain hidden from them. Over the centuries many times had we been exposed, and although at times it started off as pleasant, eventually the humans would turn on us. They had a bad habit of blaming the behaviour of just a few individuals belonging to a group on the entire group, believing rotten apples represented the entire basket. Every time they came to know of us they would eventually try to hunt us down, so it was better we remained hidden.

We were to limit interaction with them so as to lessen the chances of exposure, of course there were the wolves who fell in love with humans, and that wasn't forbidden per say but discouraged. Those individuals were asked to leave the packs behind, never to expose their whereabouts. It wasn't only due to risk of exposure that it was discouraged though, it was also the difference in lifespan. Wolves overall had greater health and so the average life expectancy was about 120, while as far as I knew the human one was 80.

Family of those packs were of course allowed to visit that individual, and if they were close to the alpha, the alpha would go to see them as well. They were also protected by the pack in case they were to ever run into trouble with other wolves, however they were never allowed to step foot on pack grounds. Whoever went to visit them had to make the journey very long, never going directly there or back. It was also recommended that at some point in the journey they used a fake passport. Wolves were very serious when it came to safety.

We used to pride ourselves on mating for life the way the animals we were named after do, but problems occur, and some individuals are truly horrible so it was wrong to force that, separation was allowed but uncommon. Wolves were loyal creatures and felt very deeply, they had a lot of difficulty letting a partner go and would not do it unless absolutely necessary.

I startled as the alarm on my phone went off making the pillow it was wedged under vibrate along with it. I reached for it blindly quickly turning the alarm off, sighing as I lay in my bed stubbornly for a moment before throwing the covers off me. Swinging my legs to the side of the bed, I ran a hand through my hair, brushing it away from my face, wrinkling my nose at how static it had become from my tossing and turning during the night. I moved a lot in my sleep. That was why whenever my siblings and I used to sleep in the same room when we were younger I was always paired with my eldest sister because she had a habit of clinging onto something like a koala as she slept, so she kept me still.

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