We used to love Fridays because my mom would let us sleep in that one guest room in the house with two beds in it, and watch TV for as long as we wanted before falling asleep. Since I was the youngest they would always watch cartoons until I fell asleep which was always quicker than the rest and then put on a horror movie. Come to think of it, it was possible that was why my sister clung to me. She was an alpha so she acted very tough and no one else could know this but she was highly spooked by the idea of other worldly things. She was so scared of them she got uncomfortable when the craziest of the pack elders would chant things at pack meetings although she never showed it.

My door swung open revealing my father and I frowned at him for entering my room at this ungodly hour. He chuckled at my expression, calling out that I was awake to whoever had been curious enough to send him to wake me.

"Get ready sweetheart, we'll drop you on our way to meet with the elders." My father said and I nodded, giving him a thumbs up making him shake his head at me.

He closed the door behind him and I got off the bed, mourning it's comfort as soon as I was out. Technically I was the alpha's daughter there was really no reason for me to work, I could just sit at home and eat, but no one would let me do that. If I ever acted too lazy one of my older siblings would use me as an assistant for their jobs, and although I found their careers fascinating, I would rather bite my own finger off then work with them.

I went into the washroom, going about my morning routine, taking a quick shower just to wake myself up, careful not to wet my hair. I wrapped myself into a robe to get out, heading straight for my closet and picking out the shirt I had picked for this very day.

It was a light grey knitted sweater with a white collar poking out, and ended off looking as though it was a collar shirt, nothing yelled out librarian more than knitted sweaters with collared shirts underneath. I put on a pair of comfy black jeans and had to fish around to find plain socks. I owned very few socks fit for making a good first impression.

I ran a brush through my dark hair quickly and grabbed my purse before I was out the door. I trotted down the stairs, waving at Lola as she opened her door yawning, she waved back at me with a sleepy smile. She worked as a mental health specialist but her hours were quite awesome. She didn't start work until noon and since we were the children of the pack alpha and hence lived in the pack home which the entire pack was aware of, she could simply see her clients at home when she wanted.

"You shelve those books little sister, you shelve those books hard." My sister cheered making me giggle.

"Will do." I called out to her as I entered the kitchen , my parents already seated at the table heaving breakfast.

"Your brother grabbed fresh muffins before he left for work since it's your first day, they're on the counter." My mom said and I smiled at her, immediately changing course to go for the muffins, debating between the banana chocolate chip and the white chocolate cranberry before going for the latter, knowing these remained soft for the shortest time.

I put my muffin on a plate before joining my parents at the breakfast table, my mom squeezing the back of my neck affectionately when I sat next to her.

"Eat quickly baby, we need to leave in ten if we want to get you there on time, especially considering your dad's driving." My mom said, throwing a smirk at my dad who let out an offended sputter.

Alphas weren't very patient when it came to all things but their pack, so driving with my 2 alpha siblings or mother was terrifying for the rest of us causing us to forbid them to drive if we were in the car, but of course they made fun of us for our "dweeby" law abiding.

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