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Eve's head pounded as she began waking up. She felt straps around her wrists and ankles. Eve then realized she was strapped to a chair. There was a machine behind her she couldn't fully see.


Eve looked for him and found him moments later in her hotel room. He had tear stained cheeks as he laid in her bed. Bucky was safe, so Eve had peace of mind.

"You're awake," Alvaro's voice boomed at her. Eve blinked to clear her vision and saw Alvaro standing before her. "That was quite the chase you led us on."

Eve didn't respond, she just watched him. Then she tried to start a fire, but she couldn't. She moved through every element, struggling more with each one.

"Oh, about that. A little injection to block all the chemical reactions involved with your powers. You can try all you want, but you'll just waste your time," Alvaro said and paused for a moment. "I'm glad you could make it back for phase two," he explained, making Eve afraid. "You see, the Winter Soldier escaped Hydra, so we need a new, better soldier. And we were blessed with you."

Alvaro nodded at the doctors in the room, making the sound of machinery ring through the room. Two metal arms fell by her head. One arm had a large curved plate, the same curvature as her face. The other arm had a smaller plate lined up with the side of her head. Slowly, the plates were pushed up against her head, then electric bolts shot into her. Eve's screams, although deafening, couldn't be heard from outside.

The hours Bucky waited turned into days. The days turned into weeks into a month. The team was now back at Avengers compound. Bucky followed every news source that had anything to do with natural causes. He had no leads, no sleep, and no patience. Every second his chest ached with worry. It was driving him insane. Because of this, he has to remove himself from the compound. It was too much to be around so he got an apartment in town. As he sat on the couch, eyes glued on the news, his mind wondered.

Bucky kept thinking of the last day he spent with her. Just laying in bed, either asleep or watching whatever came on the tv just holding her. He shouldn't have taken her with him. Bucky knew she was being hunted down, yet he was so careless. He had never been that careless before.

"Bucky," Steve said, shaking Bucky out of his state.

"Hey," he replied. Steve walked over and sat at the edge of Bucky's couch.

"Find anything?" Steve asked referring to leads on Eve.

"No," Bucky answered. "They all just disappeared. Steve, I... I think I was starting to fall in love with her." Bucky looked up at Steve. Steve's face had a sympathetic look to it.

"We will find her," Steve promised. Bucky and Steve looked at the tv to see a breaking news screen come up.

"This just in, the CEO of a major weapons company was found dead an hour ago in Athens, Greece with a spear of ice through his chest while he was on vacation with his family. Sources confirmed that this was indeed a planned homicide," the newswoman said over the tv. "We have never seen anything like this before."

Bucky's heart broke at the news, he couldn't believe it.

"I'm sorry, Buck," Steve started.

"She has to be there still," Bucky said while getting up to leave. Steve grabbed his arm.

"By the time we get there, she'll be gone," Steve argued.

"I have to try. She doesn't know what she is doing."

"Bucky, she's already gone again." Bucky loosened up as he realized Steve was right and sat back down defeated.

Days went by before another news story headlined. Bucky sat up from his bed to listen.

"Another homicide has taken place recently in Atlanta, Georgia. This time it was senator Anthony Roberts. He was found in his suburb home with multiple rods of electric currents stabbed throughout his body."

Bucky put his head in his hands. He felt so helpless. So alone. He didn't know what to do.

"Bucky," Steve said, breaking his train of thought. "Eve was last seen boarding a plane with Alvaro headed to Los Angeles." Bucky quickly grabbed his go bag and was almost out the door before Steve added, "there's something you should see first."

They walked to Tony's shop's level to see him leaned back in his chair staring at a large holographic computer screen. There were five faces on the screen, two of them were the men from the news, two more were men, and one is a woman. Eve's face was also on the screen, but her picture was from a security camera.

"What's this?" Bucky asked.

"She has five confirmed kills. All of them, we have learned, have Hydra roots. We think Alvaro is cutting off loose ends. S.H.I.E.L.D. got ahold of the evidence before the cops so they won't know who did it. We found her on the security camera in the airport." Tony explained as he enlarged her photo. "Look familiar?"

Bucky noticed the light bruises on her face. They were in the same pattern as his once were.

"There's no way, that's impossible," Bucky started but Steve cut him off.

"The did, Buck."

"And we know she is going after him," Tony said and put a new picture on the screen. "He's an actor, but he has a double life. He is one of the top heads of Hydra. He is going to be at the award show tonight and so is Alvaro and Eve."

"We have to go get her," Bucky said while looking between them.

"Twenty minutes and we can go. Get the team ready," Steve said.

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