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Dahyun was still holding Sana's hand when the teacher excitedly lead the event that night. She didn't realized that she was holding Sana's hand until the state Sana thought this as her opportunity. She thought, maybe Dahyun would talk to her. And come back to her. She leaned her head toward the pale skin girl and whispered, "Can we talk?"

Dahyun turned her head and just realized their both hands were intertwined. She immediately let go off the latter's hand and cleared her throat. "Just talk."

Sana shook her head and pouted, "Alone."

Dahyun sighed and nodded her head. Sana was squealing silently but eventually showed her big smile on her face while jumping up and down slightly. They stood up and Sana lead the way behind the crowded place.

Sana was walking leading Dahyun in front. The place became darker as they went deeper inside the forest. Sana rummage inside her pocket and took flashlight. Light the way for the both of them. The wind was really chilling. Thanks to Chaeyoung's padded jacket, Dahyun didn't freeze tonight. But as she can still feel the cold hit her, she put the hoodie on to cover her head and her ears. After about 5 minutes walking, Sana seemed couldn't find a good place to talk. They kept walk deeply inside the forest. Dahyun started to feel uneasy because of the atmosphere that the forest gave.

"Sana, don't you think we're far already?" she said while looking around the forest.

"No. A little bit more."

Actually, Sana found something beautiful about this place from the internet. She searched on the internet and found that they can see a beautiful view of the city from the above, behind this forest, there was a cliff. And underneath them, they can see a beautiful view of the lights from the city.

"Oh! We're here!" Sana squealed and pulled Dahyun with her running toward the place. Sana pointed at the view in front of them showing her perfect teeth and squinting her eyes because of her big smile.

"Woah.." it's the only word Dahyun could spit that time. The beautiful view mezmerized her tired eyes, the blew of the wind wiped her face slightly. She walked closer near the end of the cliff and she brought her arm and spread it feeling the wind. Instead of enjoying the view, Sana enjoyed looking at Dahyun sweetly. It's been a long time since the last time they spent time together. Guilt and happiness can be seen on Sana's face as she kept looking at the girl in front of her that she love so much. Even though maybe, she doesn't loved her back now. Sana held her down and stared at the ground. She took a deep breath and stepped forward toward the pale skinned girl slowly. She put her arms around the pale skinned girl's waist slowly circling it and leaned her head on the latter's back. Dahyun was shocked by this as she jolted her body a bit when Sana touched her but immediately tried to relax for a bit. She put down her both arms and let it loosely hang on her sides.

"I miss you, Kim Dahyun."

There's no response, Sana thought it's okay as long as the pale skinned girl hear her out. Then, it's fine.

"I'm sorry. I'm so selfish, I know. You kept telling me that you can wait until I pursue my dream. But I kept sending you off." Sana was trying to make her voice doesn't crack as she kept hiccuping in the silent. Dahyun was just silently listening to her.

"That time... I was so desperate. No agency accept me as their model making me wondered, if my dream was wrong at the first time. Making me can't think straight. And.." she took a deep breath and cleared her throat, "Leave you."

Dahyun sighed and hold Sana's both arms on her waist and letting it go. She turned around on her heels. "You're so selfish."

San just held her head hang low staring at the ground. "You know I love you so much. But you chose to leave me." Dahyun tried to calm her emotion but her body and heart act the opposite.

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