Chapter 4: Savior

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Previously on A New Perception

As the Captain started to walk back to the party. Zoom arrived and grabbed Caitlin

"As I told you, I will take everything from you" Zoom said

"Zolomon let her go" I said "This is between me and you" Captain Singh turned around and saw Zoom holding Caitlin. He came running with his gun out

"Let her go!" He yelled while running closer. Zoom ran off with Caitlin

"Caitlin!" I yelled. I sped off not caring if Singh found out that I'm the flash. I followed Zoom until I lost him. I searched for the city many times. I returned to STAR Labs.

"Cisco search the city for a high amount of Static Electricity." I said

"Where's Caitlin?" Cisco asked. All I did was look at him

"I'm on it." He said running towards the computer

And now the continuation...

"Cisco anything?" I asked

"If you keep running Barry I won't be able to find her," Cisco said

I stopped using my speed.

A week later

Caitlin's POV

"Why did you take me Hunter?" I asked

"I thought it was obvious," Hunter said "I love you Caitlin"

"But I don't love you" I yelled

As I said that Hunter reverted back to Zoom

"Well then if when I get back and you're not here then I know I made a mistake but if you're here then I know I was right" As Zoom ran off Captain Singh came to extract me.

"Miss Snow," Said the Captain

"Captain Singh? What are you doing here?"

"We've came to get you out of here"

Barry's POV

"Where are you Cait?" I said looking at the map of Central City

I went over to the Time Vault to try and figure out where Caitlin is using Gideon.

"Gideon has there been any unusual amounts of static electricity around the city?"

"There has been one unusual amount of static electricity around the Central City Police Department"

"Hey, Barry can you come to the Cortex?" Cisco asked on the comms. I walked over to the cortex to see Cisco waiting for me by the entrance.

"Hey Cisco, what is it?" I asked. Cisco just pointed to the Med Bay. I ran over to it to see my Dad doing a check up on Caitlin.

"Caitlin!" I yelled while running towards her.

"Hey Barry" Caitlin said

"Barry" He said walking to me "She's still in shock" Even though Caitlin might not be fully here, I still wanted to see how she is doing. I walked back over to Caitlin.

"How are you doing?" I asked

"Better," She said grabbing my hand "Hunter has taken over CCPD"

"Captain Singh?" I asked. Caitlin looked over to the entrance to show Barry.

"Mr Allen," Singh said "This was the last spot I would think to be the Flash's hideout. How long?"

"Since I reawoke from the coma. Captain you have to understand why I couldn't tell anyone, it would have endangered my family, my friends, the person I love."

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