Chapter 1: Hurting!

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Its been about a week since he left. Since they left. All I do anymore is sit on my bed in my room, at my desk and I don't come out of my room, unless I have to. (ATTENTION: I am NOT going to do a grauation but, Bella is already grauated from high school! Bella is 18 and is out of school!) Alice and I do talk on the phone and we email each other. I think its good that I and Alice kept in touch. "Would Edward have stayed if I was a vampire?" I said to myself. I got pulled out of my thoughts when my phone rang. I answered it. "Hello?"

"Bella! Bella! Don't even think about it!" Alice yelled through the phone.

"Think about what!?" I asked.

"You said, 'I wonder if Edward would have stayed if I was a vampire?' I then had a vision of you going to the Volturi and having Aro turn you! Aro turns you and you are a vampire and part of his guard! Edward and the rest of us don't want that! We don't want you to be a monster or part of his guard!"

"Alice, calm down! I won't go to the Volturi! I know the rest are listening, so, hi guys!"

"They all said hi, Edward went hunting. Ugh! Its been bad! Tanya and Edward fight so much! Edward keeps telling Tanya, she isn't his mate! He says you are, but, I don't think you are his mate! I know your mate is someone we know though!" Alice said.

"What? I...I'm not Edward's mate? Then, who is my mate and who is Edward's mate?" I asked.

"Umm. I don't see Edward's mate! I know your mate though. He is part of the vampire world and also he is in our coven/family!"

"Who is my mate!?" I asked.

"I have to go hunt! I will call you back in a week or so, when I get back. Garrett, Kate, Emmett, Rose and I are all going to northern Alaska. Bye!" Alice said.

"Bye!" I said.


I just got off the phone with Bella. "Who is her mate? If it's not Edward, then, who is it? Who is Edward's mate?" Everyone asked.

"I don't know Edward's mate, but, Bella's mate is in this room! Jasper. Lets go for a walk before we leave to go hunting!" Jasper nodded and grabbed my hand. I interlocked my fingers with his so the family doesn't suspect anything. I'm gonna wait to tell them, until we get back.

When we got far enough, where they couldn't hear us, I said, "We need a divorce!" Jasper went blank. Not having a vision blank, but, like the kind of blank when you hear something and you are speechless.


"We need a divorce!" Alice said.

"What? Why?" I asked.

"Because, you're not my mate! You're Bella's mate!"

"What!?" I asked.

"Yep. I saw a vision of us getting a divorce because we were fighting over us being mates and everything. Instead of fighting, I figured I would just tell you now! Are you okay with being Bella's mate and not mine?" Alice asked.

"Yeah. Before we left, I started getting feelings for Bella. That must've been why!?"

"Yep. It is!" Alice said. Alice and I got home and went up to our room. Alice helped me and I moved into a different room and we went to the police station. We signed the divorce papers. "Okay. You guys are now divorced." A guy said.

"Okay. Thanks. Now you can go to Bella and tell her and move back into the old house!"

"How did you know that's what I would do?"

"I saw a vision!" Alice said.

Awhile later....

"Good-bye Alice, Esme, Rose, Carlisle, Emmett and Edward! You all have been a wonderful family and I will always keep in touch and I will never forget you! If you ever come back, your welcome to live in the old house, now my house!" I kissed Alice, Esme and Rose on the cheek and I hugged Emmett, Carlisle and Edward. Rose and Esme were dry sobbing and I said, "Sorry, but, I have a mate that's hurting and waiting for me!" I said. Edward was hurt. He ran out of the house and Carlisle said, "It's okay Jasper. Just go. He'll be fine." I nodded and left.

I was now at the border of Port Angeles to Forks. Bella! Here I come!

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